Howard Paul Burns took his final breath in the predawn hours on Jan. 28. He was held in an embrace by his wife of 57 years, Patricia O’Shea Burns, and his daughter, Diana Christinson. His was a peace-filled, tranquil departure of this world.

Howard was a quiet man, his family was his life. He loved his wife and children and included them in his dreams and adventures: a mini farm, fishing trips and opening a restaurant (Howard’s Restaurant 1700 block on Franklin Street). Howard and Patricia worked side by side for 40 years.

He enjoyed fishing, boating, biking, motorcycling, music, sunsets, the after glow, and his springer spaniel, Boomer.

Aware his Huntington’s disease was progressing, he moved to South California to be near his son, Jeff (Carina); grandchildren, Sonia Rae and Mariella; and daughter, Diana.

After the move he had to give up driving, riding the bike, swimming, walking and eventually getting out of bed. He never complained of his fate, always considered himself lucky.

He choose to donate his body to research for life in hopes that studies may benefit others with Huntington’s disease. The family will have a private celebration of his life at a later date.

The quote form the movie “Jerry Maguire” sums up his life.

“I love my life, I love my wife, I wish you My kind of success.”