MERRILLVILLE – In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Lakeshore Public Media will focusing its media resources and messaging to educate and inform viewers and listeners on COVID-19

“There is no telling how long this crisis will continue, but we will be there to inform listeners and viewers with reliable, trustworthy, and fact-based news and resources,” said James Muhammad, president and CEO of Lakeshore Public Media. “We are sharing information and programming online and on-air that offers local, statewide and national perspectives.”

Lakeshore PBS has started airing Coronavirus Updates, produced by The Health Channel and South Florida PBS. These one-minute interstitials educate viewers on a variety of tpics, such as "Talking to Children," "Cleaning Away the Coronavirus" and "What is Social Distancing."

In partnership with the Indiana Broadcasters Association, Lakeshore Public Radio is airing COVID-19 radio reports during midday and evenings as they become available. The station has been airing special programming in partnership with American Public Media, including two live one-hour call-in shows this past week.

There's also a landing page for information that the digital team at Lakeshore has gathered by its staff and partners, including IPB News, NPR, the Associated Press, the CDC and the states of Indiana and Illinois. The information is available online at

The Lakeshore offices are closed to the public, but the station will be available to viewers and members by phone at 219-756-5656 and through

“We’re all working together to maintain the level of service you’ve come to expect from us. Trust that we’re doing our best,” Muhammad said. “We expect to remain open, keeping some people working remotely with a few people in the main office for the duration of this challenging time. We’ll adapt as necessary to keep running as-close-to-usual as possible.”

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