MICHIGAN CITY – From law to early childhood education to protecting the environment to getting women involved in politics, if you can think of a worthy case, there's a good chance Deborah Chubb is involved somehow.

And her good works haven't gone unnoticed.

On Sept. 25, the Michigan City resident will receive one of seven Torchbearer Awards at a ceremony at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis.

"Deborah worked to support the legal rights of women and children in her law practice before taking the position of executive director at a non-profit that provided affordable, high-quality early childhood education and care," Aspen Clemons, director of the Indiana Commission said in a statement announcing the award.

"In this position, she supported women of all income levels in the advancement of their careers and education by providing reliable, high-quality childcare services, as well as mentorship to both parents and staff," Clemons said.

"I worked for The Child Care Consortium for 17 years, developing and managing early childhood education programs, including Head Start of La Porte County until 2017," said Chubb, also a member of the Michigan City Area Schools Board.

"She expanded the organization's reach to include Head Start, which provided comprehensive health, employment, housing, transportation, and other social services along with early childhood education and care to support low-income families in becoming self-sufficient," Clemons said.

In 2017, Chubb left that position to devote all her time to her newest endeavor, supporting women running for political office," Clemons said.

"She believes that women must be in decision-making roles to ensure their ability to thrive economically, and to protect the future of Indiana's children and its environment."

That organization is 25 Women For 2020.

"It's a new organization that I founded to support Progressive women running for seats in the Indiana Legislature in 2020," Chubb said.

"We recruit, train, and support candidates, helping them to develop great campaign committees and all the other important aspects of a political campaign. Our website is www.25WomenFor2020.org and we're also active on facebook @25WomenFor2020."

Asked about the award, she said, "Unbeknownst to me, a few wonderful friends nominated me for this award. Cheryl Chapman, state Rep. Pat Boy, Jeanette Neagu and Lisa Harris worked together to send in an application. I don't know what was in the application."

Whatever it was, it worked.

Hosted by the Board of Commissioners of the Indiana Commission for Women, "the prestigious award recognizes women from around the state who have broken down barriers, overcome obstacles to women’s full participation, and have made Indiana a better place to live, work and raise a family," Clemons said.

"Recipients of the award have overcome or continue to confront immense challenges with courage, perseverance and compassion; and serve as inspiration for others. They demonstrate character, resiliency and leadership; and have made significant contributions to their communities and to Indiana."

Admission to the ceremony is free, but guests must register at eventbrite.com/preview?eid=70517406461. For more information, email info@icw.in.gov.

The Indiana Commission for Women is committed to the "full participation of women in all aspects of society in order to live, work and raise a family," Clemons said. "ICW works to move Indiana women forward by understanding the needs of Indiana women and their families, and by working strategically both within government and in our communities to help bring about positive solutions.

"We act as the voice of women, communicating their needs and concerns as well as their successes and contributions,so that they can become better connected to their communities and to the tools, resources and opportunities needed to find their own voice."

That's something Chubb can relate to.

"I think everyone wants to leave the world better than they found it," she said. "There are so many important things that need to be done and somebody has to do them. And, life is short – no time to waste."

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