Q: I was vacationing in New York and saw cops riding horses. Is this just a traditional thing? It seems it would be a lot of work taking care of a horse.

A: Every department is different, but most agencies do not have mounted officers or they rely on a volunteer “mounted posse” like the La Porte County Sherriff’s Department. I have seen horses in action in Chicago and they are extremely helpful in crowd control. For rural areas or vast terrains out west, for example, horses are a big part of conducting search and rescue operations, especially in rugged environments.

Q: What is stopping someone from walking right up behind a police officer and grabbing their gun?

A: Anyone attempting to take an officer’s firearm should expect an immediate and sometimes violent reaction. This could be considered an imminent threat not only to the officer’s life, but also the citizens around them. A lot of training goes into defeating disarming attempts. We do carry special holsters that require a series of movements, snaps, levers or locks that prevent an unauthorized person from removing the firearm from the holster.

Q: I am a new driver and I have had a couple of small incidents (accidents and tickets). I received a letter from Indiana BMV saying I have to take a defensive driving class. I could not have collected that many points already.

A: Regardless of the point total on your driving record, you must enroll in a driver safety program if you are convicted of two traffic offenses within 12 months, or you are under 18 and have either committed two traffic offenses in 12 months, been in at least two accidents within 12 months or a combination of both.

Q: I am so glad they came up with a new law to protect animals left inside hot cars, but I am confused. Can I just break the window and let the animal out?

A: The new Pet Rescue law that takes effect July 1 is somewhat confusing so please think before you act. What it states is that a person wanting to rescue an animal from a hot car will only be responsible for half of the damages to the vehicle (window). It goes on to state the good samaritan will be immune from civil or criminal liability from other property damage caused from getting into the vehicle if there is a reasonable belief the animal is in imminent danger or suffering serious bodily harm. Prior to a citizen taking any action, they must contact law enforcement first. Lastly, the person must stay with the vehicle and the animal until the police arrive.

Now, my best advice is to stay with the vehicle, call the police and watch the animal until law enforcement arrives and let the officer make the decision either to break the window or whatever action they feel necessary.

During this hot time of year, please keep an eye out for not only animals but children left inside of a vehicle. Call 911 immediately.

The winner of last column’s $30 gas card from the ladies of The American Association of University Women, was Arlene Dabkowski of Michigan City. Let’s answer the last riddle of what goes up and down to the sky and to the ground? Of course, the answer was See-Saw or Teeter-Totter!

The sponsor of this week’s riddle is our friends at The News-Dispatch! The winner receives a $30 gas card!

Here is an easy one for everyone to play! If you count from one to 100, how many fives will you pass along the way?

The 13th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins.

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext #1020, or e-mail ASKACOP@emichigancity.com<\mailto:ASKACOP@emichigancity.com>.

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