Q: I sure hope you can help. Several days ago I walked out of Meijer and was almost hit by a car that wasn’t paying attention who went right through the stop sign! Isn’t there something the police can do about people refusing to stop?

A: Unfortunately, in the state of Indiana, police officers can only enforce fire lane and handicapped parking violations on private property. Speed limit and stop signs put up by businesses are an attempt to make their lots safer for travel, but have no penalty if ignored. We may only enforce stop, yield and speed zones on private property if it involves an accident. Dictated by the preponderance of the evidence at the accident scene, if the police officer believes the accident occurred due to the disregard of a sign, a ticket may be issued. This includes accidents involving pedestrians.

Q: I don’t drive a car and have never had a license. We are going on vacation this Christmas and I was just told by my boyfriend that I was not allowed to fly on an airplane without having a driver’s license. Is this really true?

A: Sort of. It depends where you are traveling. You must have some sort of identifier to fly right now. If you are traveling out of the country, you must have a valid passport. However, by October of 2020, all Indiana residents must have an Indiana compliant license, permit, or I.D. card in order to board any commercial flight or enter any federal facilities.

Q: My family and I recently moved to Michigan City and live by Knapp School. Is there a local website available to look up convicted child molesters?

A: In Indiana you may use the Indiana Sheriff’s registry at www.Indianasheriffs.org<\http://www.Indianasheriffs.org>, or there is a national database you may view with pictures at www.Familywatchdog.us. This site will show all convicted sex offenders.

Q: My parents are sending me to visit my uncle in California for Christmas break. Are 13-year-olds allowed to fish by themselves there?

A: Actually, checking the California Department of Wildlife, it appears anyone 16 year or older must have a valid fishing license to fish. So I would not worry about a license, however, I do not recommend fishing by yourself.

Q: I have been given different answers so maybe you can help. We are going camping at an Indiana State Park as a family this fall and I wanted to take my handgun with me. Will I get in trouble?

A: No, a person with a valid Indiana gun permit may possess a handgun in our state parks with two exceptions. It is not allowed at DNR State Parks & Reservoir properties managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or at Falls of the Ohio State Park.

The winner of the $30 gift certificate sponsored by John and Sherry Sheets Owners of Three Sheets Bar and Grill was Kim Harvell of Michigan City. The answer to last column’s riddle of “What order the dwarf’s stood in line?” was Doc, Happy, Smelly, Sneezy, Stumpy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Droopy and Bashful. 

The sponsor of this week’s riddle is Joe Scartozzi and family at Scartozzi’s Trattoria Italian Restaurant in Michigan City. The winner receives a $30 gas card!

A man walks into the Michigan City Police Station and looks surprised as he stares at a wanted picture posted on the wall. The policeman at the front desk asks him, “Sir, do you know this man?” and he replies, “Brothers and sisters, I have none, but this man’s father is my father’s son.” What relation is the man in the photo to him?

The 3rd correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins.

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext #1020, or e-mail ASKACOP@emichigancity.com.

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