MICHIGAN CITY – With the coldest part of winter still ahead, NCCAA is offering residents assistance with the utility bills.

North Central Community Action Agencies (NCCAA) announced Monday it's accepting new applications for the Energy Assistance Program through May 15.

Applications are available online at nccomact.org; in the office at 301 E. 8th St. in Michigan City; or by mail (by request). Households that are in crisis, which have disconnection notices, or have had their utilities disconnected should call the office and schedule an interview, NCCAA executive director Cynthia Davis said.

Eligibility for energy assistance is limited to households with combined gross monthly income of up to 60 percent of the State Median Income. For one person, household gross monthly income of no more than $2,069; for two, $2,706; for three, $3,343; for four, $3,979; for five $4,616; for six, $5,253; for seven, $5,372; and for eight, $5,492.

All households applying for energy assistance must provide the following documentation:

• Photo ID for head of household

• Social Security cards for all household members

• Proof of income for the previous three months

• Current utility bills and disconnection notice if relevant

• If utilities are included in your rent – landlord affidavit or current lease

It is each household’s responsibility to keep service active and continue to pay toward their utilities during the heating season, according to Davis. She said the LIHEAP benefit is used to lighten the energy burden on households and to offer moratorium protection during the coldest part of the winter.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 219-872-0351 or 866-871-1200.

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