Tempesta joins growing MC tech sector

Michael Marchese

MICHIGAN CITY – Tempesta Media, a provider of content marketing solutions, has chosen Michigan City over several other Midwest locations for its newest office.

Opening in the Uptown area, the new office will house sales, marketing and operations personnel, according to Michael Marchese, founder and CEO of the Chicago-based firm.

“We’re pleased to expand into Michigan City. The city has unique advantages that matched up well with Tempesta Media’s growth plans,” Marchese said.

“Michigan City gives us access to a deeply talented labor pool and the Internet backbone," he said. "We feel that when these are combined with a conducive business and tax environment, and the upcoming South Shore Double Track project, Tempesta Media will be able to achieve long-term success here.”

The office will be home to between 5 and 10 employees within the next six months, with further growth planned, Marchese said.

“We are excited to have Tempesta Media expand into Michigan City,” Mayor Ron Meer said. “Tempesta is committed to giving back to Northwest Indiana and adding high-paying career opportunities.”

Founded in 2011, Tempesta is a leading provider of content marketing solutions, with customers in more than 100 industries, Marchese said. It also supports more than 23,000 continuously-vetted, professional writers.

"Our solution provides significant improvements to each stage of customers’ content production and publication cycles," he said, including editorial calendar and content style guide development; team development and management; content production, review and optimization; publication, distribution and amplification; and analysis and insights.

To celebrate the move, Tempesta will offer Northwest Indiana businesses an exclusive content marketing program through the end of 2019, Marchese said. For more information, call 866-522-9819 or visit TempestaMedia.com/MichiganCity2019.

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