MICHIGAN CITY – Parents, friends, teachers and other supporters filled the Michigan City High School auditorium on Tuesday night as 53 juniors and seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society.

NHS President Sara Poulin led the induction ceremony, which also involved 45 MCHS seniors who were inducted last year. The event featured remarks from Principal Kevin Goralczyk, Michigan City Area Schools Supt. Barbara Eason-Watkins, and NHS sponsor Judy Kovalcik.

NHS Vice Presidents Makayla Johnson and Alexis Reynolds also introduced four student speakers, who addressed the pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, character and leadership.

Caden Glenn told inductees they should ask questions, not just when they are confused, but when they understand yet want to learn more.

“If you have a desire to grow not just to achieve, then you are a true scholar,” he said.

Zachary Kizziar shared the personal impact of his community service at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church soup kitchen.

“I knew I was helping the homeless in Michigan City by providing a hot meal once a week,” he said. “But what I didn’t realize was the great value I would find in working on the food line, the benefit I would receive from helping others.”

In her speech on character, Tava Daniels urged students to act with compassion and integrity.

“Character is the trait that is seen the most, but often acknowledged the least,” she said. “At school, it’s important to take time to do what is right, to help those in need. “

And Dania Duenas challenged inductees to think of leadership as a process.

“Leadership is not something we are all born with; we grow it,” she said. Along the way, she added, some students may lose the desire to lead and just want to blend in. “Never lose your originality,” she said. “Choose to lead.”

According to NHS Secretary Lauren Summa, the National Honor Society was first established in 1927 at what was then Michigan City High School – the building that later became Elston High School. The present MCHS National Honor Society chapter celebrated its 25th annual induction this year, joining more than 12,500 high schools nationwide with chapters.

Principal Kevin Goralczyk applauded the inductees and reminded them to stay focused on learning, serving, and following their hearts.

“What we celebrate tonight is not just your GPA but the sum of you,” he said. “Continue to focus on what you need to do, what you should do, and not just what looks better, and the results will follow. Your story is just beginning, and you have an incredible future before you.”


The new Michigan CIty High School inductees included:

Delaina Adams, Ramadii Anderson, Nathan Antisdel, Anastasia Attar, Reese Attar, Vincent Bruemmer, Bryanna Charite, Tahlia Daniels, Korah DeLeon, Riley Eldridge, Zeena Frageman, Lukas Fugate, Erica Galindo, Aviana Garner, Chris Gault, Taylor Gertner, Kylie Harrison, Aryanna Hartsburg, Joshua Hensell, Koryn Hollingshead, Jibreel Hoskins, Samantha Jasinski, Diamond Jimerson, Mary Patricia Kelley, Joshua Koepke, Anna Kreighbaum, Michael Lakin, Alyssa Lisenko, Mackenzee Mallon, Jada Majied, Nicole Mendoza, Josiah Miller, Alexis Moll, Fatima Mota, Nina Puetzer, Matthew Ramirez, Connor Reynolds, Maya Roberts, SavjaSantana, Gwyneth Sardon, Joshua Schooley, Riley Schoonaert, Olivia Shinn, Alexa Sparks, RachelSutor, Lukas Swistek, Mia Taylor, Emerald Terrell, Lia Thomas, Michael Thomas, Tamorra Walker, Tyah Wall, and Alex Zaknoun

The inductees join these MCHS students who were inducted last school year:

Damian Albisu, Connor Baker, Krista Bendix, Aaliyah Briggs, Hannah Chambers, Dasani Cleveland, Bryanne Cushway, Tava Daniels, Dania Duenas, Caden Glenn, Peter Gondeck, Nicholas Gushrowski, Alexandria Hahn, Julisa Haro, Adam Howard, Brenda Huizar, Elliot Jasicki, Robert Jefferson, Hailey Johnson, Makayla Johnson, Zachary Kizziar, Robert Lemon, Anna-Lisse Lenard, Bridget Mark, Mira McDaniel, Dante Morland, Amanda Ochoa, JedediahOtterson, Kaitlyn Pollock, Paige Potucek, Sara Poulin, Alexis Reynolds, Julianna Schooley, Mareeya Scully, Omar Serrano, Reece Shirley, Megan Steinhiser, Nathan Stevenson, Lauren Summa, Braden Tepper, Armani Torrance-Worlds, Dawson Van Buskirk, Andre Williams, Andrea Zaknoun, and Zoie Zaknoun.

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