ISP warns of fake cop

Indiana State Police released this sketch of a possible police impersonator who has pulled over two women, one in Crown Point and one in Portage, over the last two weeks.

PORTAGE – Indiana State Police are warning Northwest Indiana residents about a possible police impersonator who had tried to pull over two women in the last couple of weeks.

State police received a report of a woman who was stopped on I-65 southbound near the Crown Point exit just before 10 p.m. on July 8. The woman said the vehicle was a late-model black/dark blue Ford Crown Victoria with red/blue lights inside the windshield.

The driver, described as an older white man with short gray hair and a mustache, was wearing brown/khaki pants with a tan polo shirt with no markings, and had no gun belt on or any weapons in view, according to ISP. He did not use a flashlight while approaching the woman's vehicle, and did not identify himself as a police officer.

She said he was aggressive in his demeanor and yelling that she had been speeding, according to ISP. He took her driver's license and registration back to his car, where he sat for about five minutes before returning her items. He told her she would receive a ticket in the mail in a few weeks and if she didn't take care of it, a warrant would be issued for her arrest.

The woman said the man's demeanor changed when he approached for the second time when and realized she wasn't alone, police said. A witness who was coming home from work also called about the traffic stop and saw the suspect pull the woman over. The witness gave the same description and added that the Crown Victoria only had some flashing white lights around the plate in the rear with red/blue lights in the windshield.

ISP troopers canvassed the area with no results.

Two weeks later, Portage Police were contacted about a traffic stop on July 17 involving a Crown Victoria with red/blue traffic lights and a possible police impersonator.

A sketch developed by ISP from the Crown Point victim was sent to Portage Police, who said their victim got a good look at the suspect, and he looked similar to the drawing.

Anyone with any information on either stop or the suspect should ISP Detective Brian McCall at 219-690-0083.

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