.276 BAC lands her in cell

Eleanor Armstrong

MICHIGAN CITY – A South Bend woman is facing multiple charges and citations after nearly driving into a Michigan City Police squad car with a blood alcohol content more than three times the legal limit, according to police.

Eleanor Yvonne Armstrong, 54, is being held in the La Porte County Jail, charged with misdemeanor counts of operating while intoxicated with endangerment, OWI with a BAC above .15 percent, and driving while suspended with a prior arrest, according to Michigan City Police.

She was also cited for OWI, driving while suspended, and driving left of center.

Just before 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, an officer was patrolling in a marked squad car when he stopped for a red light at Pine and 8th streets. He then saw a silver sedan approach the intersection with its hazard lights blinking.

The vehicle was eastbound on 8th and turned onto southbound Pine, but made the turn very wide, crossed the center line and nearly struck the patrol vehicle, according to a police report.

The officer turned around, activated his flashers and pulled the car over near 9th and Pine. As he approached the vehicle, he smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage from inside the vehicle, the report said.

Armstrong's "eyes were red and glossy, and her speech was slurred," the officer said in the report. Three bottles of vodka, apparently empty, were found inside the car.

When Armstrong got out of the vehicle, she was unsteady on her feet, and the officer noted she wasn't wearing shoes.

Her balance was unsteady, according to the report, and when she tried to put on her shoes, she fell over, the report said. Because it was 28 degrees outside, she was taken to the Police Department for field sobriety tests.

Armstrong remained unsteady on her feet and failed the tests, police said. At one point she told the officer, "I've been drinking; I can't do that," quit the test, and told him to just arrest her, according to the report.

A portable breath test showed her BAC at .254 percent, and a followup chemical test registered at .276 percent, police said.

She was arrested and transported to the jail, where she remains on a $300 bond. Armstrong is scheduled to appear in Superior Court 4 on Jan. 11.

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