Compiled from Michigan City Police Department reports


A woman sustained second-degree burns after a friend of her boyfriend allegedly heated an icecube bucket full of water in a microwave at Kings Inn, then threw the contents at her face. The woman was later admitted to the hospital for treatment. But according to police, the alleged assailant said the victim and her boyfriend came over uninvited before the incident and were kicking and banging on his apartment door and wouldn't leave. He also said the victim's face was wet when the couple arrived. The police noted all three parties were known drug users, and the assailant was arrested previously for battering the same victim with a knife.


Police are investigating a case of criminal recklessness involving a man struck by a vehicle driven by his ex-girlfriend in the area of Lafayette and Madison streets at around 7:20 p.m. The driver reportedly dropped the victim off, then rammed the vehicle into him, eventually hitting a NIPSCO pole and lifting it completely off the ground. The vehicle sustained major damage to the front end that resulted in the airbags deploying.

A wallet was reported stolen from the Family Express gas station at 3201 Franklin St. at 7:53 a.m. by a customer who claimed to have dropped it while filling his tires at the air compressor. He claimed the wallet was gone when he later returned to retrieve it. The manager of the gas station told police he did not see a wallet outside and no customers turned one in. Surveillance footage was requested by police.

IHOP reported the theft of $1,103 from the manager's safe at the restaurant at 5225 Franklin St. It also reported that $800 was stolen during a previous occasion two weeks ago. An employee is suspected.

Attempted burglary was reported in the 400 block of E. 6th St. where the living room window was broken. Responding officers found glass on the floor and on top of the air conditioner unit beneath the window. Broken glass was also found along with partial foot prints in the mud beneath the window. But even though the outer pane of glass was broken, the inside pane of glass was still intact, and entry was not made into the apartment.

Dollar General at 224 Dunes Plaza reported the receipt of a $100 counterfeit bill from a customer who attempted to use it to pay for one stick of deodorant. Even though the bill tested out OK with the business's counterfeit detector pen, the cashier thought it looked suspicious and refused to accept it. The suspect left without incident. PNC bank later determined the bill was a $1, $5 or $10 bill made to look like a $100 bill.

A stolen credit card was reportedly used at Virk's Liquor for the purchase of $106 worth of goods. The same card was also used to fraudulently purchase goods at Michigan City Liquors.

A Chesterton High School cheerleader reported the theft of a $20 ring from her backpack during a basketball game at Michigan City High School.

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