Compiled from Michigan City Police Department reports


Meijer reported the theft of a pair of shoes by a male customer, who exchanged his old shoes with the new ones while in the bathroom. He was reportedly recognized by a female employee who had a civil case against him.

More than $12,000 worth of lottery tickets were reportedly stolen from the Fast Lane convenience store by an employee. According to the owner, the employee admitted the theft during a phone conversation. He said the employee would alter the store inventory sheet to reflect that the lottery tickets were sold and not stolen. He also said the employee would cash the winning lottery tickets right at the store or at the Al's Karwick Plaza. The losing lottery tickets would be thrown away at the store. He said he had surveillance footage of the thefts.

Police are investigating harassment claims by a resident in the 600 block of Thurman Avenue, who said an unknown suspect placed a yellow sticky note on his front door between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12:43 p.m. The note reportedly contained expletives and derogatory comments toward him and his truck. He said this is a continuation of a recent vandalism of his truck and two additional times when sticky notes were left on his door. No suspects were named and the resident was unsure why anyone would do this to him.

An Olive Garden employee has accused a manager at Red Lobster of hitting him with an open handed slap on the right side of his torso, about the bottom of his ribcage, when the manager visited Olive Garden to get some products the restaurants shared. When interviewed by police, the manager said he only patted the employee, who used to work at Red Lobster, on the back. It was later revealed the employee was fired from Red Lobster for allegedly giving away edibles (food made with marijuana) to customers and employees. Police sent a preliminary charge of battery, a B misdemeanor, to the prosecutor for review.

AMC Theatre reported that a prospective employee, who was passed over during the hiring process, called the manager and allegedly told him he "messed with the wrong person," was now going to "come light the place up," which the manager interpreted as shooting up the theatre.

Kevin M. Linsemeyer, 41, of Michigan City was preliminarily charged with operating a motor vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more, an A misdemeanor, and operating a motor vehicle with an ACE of .08, a C misdemeanor, after, police said, he was found laying by the driver's seat of a Buick in a ditch in the 700 block of E. U.S. 20.

Justin D. Mason, 41, of La Porte was preliminarily charged on a Level 6 felony charge of pointing a firearm at another person, and an A misdemeanor charge of battery resulting in bodily injury.

Chakese Anthony Whitfield, 25, of Gary was preliminarily charged with driving while suspended, an A misdemeanor, after being pulled over for a broken tail light.

A runaway was reported in the 3000 block of Springland Avenue.

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