Woman wakes to find stranger in her home

Michael A. Biege

La PORTE – A La Porte woman was not hurt, but got quite a scare when she woke up Sunday morning to find a stranger sitting in the hallway of her home.

The man – later identified as 32-year-old Michael A. Biege of La Porte – never attempted to harm the woman, and was eventually arrested by La Porte County Sheriff's deputies on a felony residential entry charge, according to a police report. He was also found to be wanted on a pair of outstanding La Porte County warrants.

The woman called police at about 9:15 a.m. Sunday and said the unknown man was in the hallway of her home in the 2500 block of N. U.S. 35 in La Porte, according to police. The caller told police the man was sitting in her hallway asking for medical attention.

When police arrived, Biege was still seated at the end of the hallway, according to the report. The woman said he may have entered the home through an unlocked door in the garage.

When police approached, Biege said, "Good, you're here, I need to go to the hospital, I'm throwing up blood," according to the report.

After being handcuffed and searched, Biege was asked how he got into the home, and replied that he was invited in by a man down the road, though he could not remember the man's name, police said.

He said he was looking for help because he had been "chased down the highway by subjects in a black pickup truck that shot at him, and he was struck by a child with a baseball bat in the chest," according to the report.

He also said he was being harassed by La Porte Police officers because he is homeless and one of his homeless friends had drugs in a backpack, the report said.

The officer noted that Biege's pupils were extremely dilated, his speech slurred and balance unsteady, but Biege said he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Asked again how he got into the home, he said he was unsure and that he may have "blacked out," the report said.

A background search found no prior arrests for drugs, but showed two active La Porte County warrants.

Biege was transported to the La Porte Hospital and granted medical clearance for incarceration, the report said. He was then taken to the La Porte County Jail, where he was charged with Level 6 felony residential entry, and ordered held on the outstanding warrants.

He remained in the jail as of Tuesday afternoon on a $755 cash bond for the felony charge. The warrants were in regard to two separate child paternity cases involving different women, according to court records.

He is scheduled to appear in La Porte Circuit Court on Wednesday on the residential entry charge; and in Superior Court 4 on Aug. 19 on the paternity cases, according to the sheriff's department.

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