Q: I know this has got to be a strange question, but I have wild geese on my property attempting to nest. They are driving me crazy and make quite a mess. My neighbors laugh at me as I yell at the geese to “scram!” I really don’t want to get in trouble or arrested. What can I do legally to get rid of them?

A: It’s no crime to attempt to get rid of the geese and no permit is required to harass geese using methods such as yelling, dogs, water hoses, leaf blowers, etc., but you may not physically harm the geese. You also may remove a goose nest without a permit. Another alternative after you get them to move, is to place a geographical barrier (fencing, etc.) in front of the nesting area so that the geese cannot re-nest. Sorry, if an egg is placed in the nest, a permit becomes necessary.

Q: Due to their age and an illness, I am relocating my parents from Missouri to my house here in Michigan City. My Dad was convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in 1990. He is now disabled and, believe me, not a child predator. When they do arrive, does he have to register in Michigan City?

A: Yes, he sure does. Registration laws are “universal” in all States in the United States. The law does not take age into consideration. Indiana law requires the La Porte County Sheriff to maintain the Sex Offenders Registry. This registry provides detailed information on convicted sex or violent offenders residing in Indiana. The purpose of the registry is to inform the general public about the identity, location, and appearance of sex and violent offenders who live, work or study in Indiana.

Q: I am so mad! I had the door of my brand new car hit in the parking lot of Meijer while I was shopping. The person who hit me just left a note on my car and left! Is this legal? Don’t they have to wait? Can they be arrested for leaving the scene of an accident?

A: Actually, it always depends on the amount of damage. According to IC 9-26-1-3, a driver of a car that collides with an unattended vehicle causing less than $1,000 in damage shall immediately stop and do one of the following: Either locate and notify the operator or owner of the vehicle; or leave in a conspicuous place a written notice giving the name, address and phone number of the driver doing the striking, insurance information and a statement of the circumstances of the accident.

Q: Why are police cars manned by one officer and not two?

A: The use of manpower is dependent on staff and coverage. We get more coverage using single units, with backup units readily available. We do have two-person patrol cars when we are teaching new officers in training.

The winner of the $50 gift card from Hokkaido Japanese Sushi Restaurant was Meredith Payne, of Michigan City. There were two answers to what the girl’s name was in the middle of the riddle. One was Theresa “there’s a” and the other was “AN,” which meant Ann. Thanks to everyone for playing!

The sponsor of this week’s riddle is Karen Janus, from Michigan City. Thanks for all of the cookies – all of the officers really appreciate them! The winner receives a $30 gas card.

There are two men standing in a field. The first man holds down his index finger. The second shakes his head. The man holds down his index finger and ring finger. He shakes his head.

The man holds down his middle finger and ring finger. He shakes his head. The man holds down his ring finger alone. He smiles and nods. What’s the name of the two men?

The 9th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins.

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext #1020, or email ASKACOP@emichigancity.com.

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