WESTVILLE — Purdue University Northwest’s (PNW) 2019 fall semester Dean’s List has recognized 1,763 undergraduate students, many from the La Porte County area, for their academic achievement.

Students who have completed 12 credit hours, including at least six during the spring, qualified for Dean’s List recognition by sustaining an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 and a semester grade point average of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale).

The fall semester Dean’s List consists of 1,250 Indiana residents from 86 communities; 367 Illinois residents from 154 communities; 28 residents from Ohio; 19 residents from Wisconsin; 12 residents from Michigan; eight from California; two each from Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and South Carolina; and one each from Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

PNW’s international students were also represented on the Dean’s List as well. They are as follows: 16 students from South Korea; 12 students from China; six students from Germany; five from India; four from Spain; three from Vietnam; two each from Australia, Brazil and Nigeria; and one each from Denmark, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Trinidad-Tobago, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Yemen.

The following are local students named to the PNW Dean’s List, organized by by city of residence:

Michigan City: Kawthar Alaoui, Kevin R. Beckman, Sally A. Bibb, Alison K. Bishel, Elizabeth A. Buskirk, Tiffany A. Callahan, Austin J. Carlos, Bretta S. Carney, Maria I. Chaples, Emily M. Earley, Madison N. Emerick, Christopher R. Frederick, Benjamin R. Guse, Kathryn C. Keen, Lisa L. LaBere, Hannah M. Laux, Michael J. Lyon, Katrina J. Machtemes, Dalin L. Mccully, Mya R. Methner, Aryanna M. Miller, Hailey R. Moye, Toni Murphy, Jasmin A. Najera, Jacob M. Pace, Lora E. Page, Stephanie P. Parish, Conner A. Riley, Nicole Santana, Meghan A. Shepherd, Sydney M. Small, Kelsey N. Travis, Sarah L. Troxell, Joseph F. Wagner, Roy M. Webster, Lara West, Jiayi Lin, Tirth V. Patel

La Porte: Samantha M. Albers, Anthony M. Allison, Robert W. Bartholomew, Riley S. Bello, Timothy D. Berger, Karen E. Bjonback, Chloe P. Black, Haley M. Bronk, Alexander D. Brown, Samantha I. Cernel, Elizabeth Clements, Thomas A. Cross, Brittany E. Davidson, Monica Duarte, Greg M. Dudash, Jeffrey Eaton, Brandon W. Fetters, Carrie-Anne A. Fitzhugh, Jodie Gaines, Rebecca R. Galloway, Christian J. Grandfield, Leah M. Gurrola, Cathryn E. Hampton, Jaron T. Hannon, Sarah A. Henrich, Seth A. Hill, Michael E. Jerde, Sara T. Jerde, Adam M. Jongkind, Arika D. Kasper, Sage N. Kelly Santana, Jasmine M. Kidd, Anthony Kim, Danielle E. Kmiec, Corrine E. Lawrence, Nicholas J. Lemberis, Amanda R. Lemon, Anca Loucks, Mallory L. Marquiss, Danielle F. McDermott, Travis A. McKinney, Meghan R. Miller, Samantha J. Musgrave, Bailie C. Nielsen, Drake K. Ott, Tyler T. Owens, Sarah Painter, Rylee N. Penziol, Rachel M. Porter, Angela N. Randon, Adam E. Rich, Nicole R. Richardson, Alexander H. Rood, Brittany M. Sawyer, Renee D. Scherer, Elizabeth Searle, Lauren A. Shaw, Kyle R. Shidler, Alexander Smeets, Kristen A. Smith, Leanna L. Smith, Aspen N. Strong, Charlie A. Sutten, Miriam G. Svoboda, Caitlyn N. Swan, Kristin Swartz-Schult, Kristina M. Tague, Damon Thomas, Jamilexy Vazquez, Antionette P. Yasko, Pietro S. Coso, Larissa Rodrigues Meireles

Hanna: Shelbi R. Clark, Brett L. Hoover

Kingsford Heights: Alexandria T. Stone

New Carlisle: Baylee A. Carpenter, Justin R. Martin, Emily A. McLaughlin, Timothy Paul

Rolling Prairie: Zachary J. Decker, Tyler P. Miller, Devin D. Nelson, Autumn J. Reese, Brett M. Stevens

Trail Creek: Jessica N. Griffin, Katelyn N. Swistek

Union Mills: James Michael, Heidi M. Smith, Ashlie M. Vance

Wanatah: Lauren A. Bailey, Brandon D. Claussen, Kendra S. Goodwin, Miranda R. Green, Meagan E. Hanchar, Carson C. Herzog, Jacob L. Koselke, Jessica L. Mann, Faith N. Marvel, Skylar A. Mckinney, Whitney L. Moore, Andria M. Pataky

Westville: Alexander L. Archer, Samantha L. Behenna, Connor B. Behrens, Elaine P. Bonner, Kellie J. Cahillane, Alexander K. Charriere, Shelby R. Fleming, Olivia Follis, Alyssa R. Freestone, Cameron E. Gonzalez, Emily E. Hawkins, Shania Kresel, Mikayla N. Russell, Matthew M. Slana, Stepheny M. Weaver

New Buffalo, Michigan: Samuel G. Covert, Kelsey K. Sullivan

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