MICHIGAN CITY — Coolspring Elementary has announced its Principal’s Honor and Honor Roll students for the second trimester.

Principal’s Honor Roll – 4.0:

Third Grade – Bailee Edinger, Lennox Haynes, Railynn Malwin, Jason Picon, Jackson Richardson, Lamarriana Taylor, Abelina Uribe, Trenton Vittatoe and Bria White

Fourth Grade – Tommy Dombkowski, Lia Kempfer, Hillary Labis, Alex Mallon, Nala Phillips and Ryan Smith

Fifth Grade – Kyah Hart, Leah Johnson, Jessica Rasmussen, Samuel Rebac, Taylor Trusty and Nic Williams

Sixth Grade – Anessa Granacki, Emma Hollingshead and Amaiyah Rampone

A/B Honor Roll 3.2-3.8:

Third Grade – Katie Branch, Shelby Fulford, Almus Howard, Christian Kelly, Conner Mashburn, David Morales, Billy Nye, Talia Putnam, Lucas Richmond, Jovanni Rodriguez, Loyalty Scott, Madalynn Schulp, and Eli Siegmund

Fourth Grade – Lilly Baker, Jamiyah Ballard, Paige Barenie, Mason Bergeon, Amiah Dawson, Olivia DeMartinis, Layla Koyama, Hannah Parkinson-Kilbourne, Payten Pozywala, and Charlotte Wildfang

Fifth Grade – Lamarria Boggan-Polk, Cruz Fern, Latoine Gibson, , Eli Green, Kyron Hart, Michael Rose, Allen Sydow, Jameelah Taylor, Jordan Tobias and Kendra Zbell

Sixth Grade – Laniah Davis, Myla Dombkowski, Grace Fulford, Alexa Haro, Gabe Hendricks, Aedon Hilson. Gavin McKinnon, Dylan Pahl, Matthew Smith and Allison Sydow

Perfect Attendance

Kindergarten – Merrick Bryant, Olive Bryant, Dredin Finney Harrison Griffin, Gage Kieffer, Armando Rosales, and Anise Smith

First Grade – Isabella Richardson, Krystal Rojas, and Eleanor Wozniak

Second Grade – Alice Bauer, Markea Bell, Lydia Birchfield, Addison Eaton, Camarri Johnson, D’Arby Moore, Bill Sawyer, Maycie White and Albin Wozniak

Third Grade – Katie Branch, Christian Kelly, Angel McGinnis, Billy Nyes, Jason Picon, Jackson Richardson, Lucas Richmond, Eli Siegmund and Lamarriana Taylor

Fourth Grade – Paige Barenie, Mason Bergeon, Isabella Bryant, Amiah Dawson, Amiyah Dawson, Tommy Dombkowski, Amia Hill, Hillary Labis, and Emmett Siegmund

Fifth Grade – Cruz Fern, Jessica Rasmussen, Aiddan Sadler, Allen Sydow and Jordan Tobias

Sixth Grade – Laniah Davis, Gavin McKinnon, Terry Murphy, Samara Smith, Allison Sydow and Morrigan Worlds

Citizenship Award

Kindergarten – Levi Farless, Samiyah Hogan, Ariel Jackson, Haiden Kaczmarek, Gage Kieffer, Tristian Knight, Evan Morse, Skyla Niebauer-ross, Chloe Smith and Zoey Smith

First Grade – Tony Bland, Isabelle Richardson, Brenna Richmond, Estella Rodriguez, Christine Rose and Isabell Wyse

Second Grade – Melanie Black, Matthew Dennis, Addison Eaton, Oliver Long and Shawntese Watson

Third Grade – Shaniya Frye, Shelby Fulford, Jackson Richardson and Marcus Sims

Fourth Grade – Lilly Baker, Marisol Reyes, Litzy Serrano and Charlotte Wildfang

Fifth Grade – Treasure Goldman, Tayla Jones, Jillian Kuehl and Nic Williams

Sixth Grade – Grace Fulford, Alexa Haro, Gabe Hendricks, Amaiyah Rampone and Trevor Trusty

B.U.G. (Bringing Up Grades) Award:

Kindergarten – Lavelle Bert, Olive Bryant, Charley Childers, Myra Claiborne, Jake Delehanty, Rayven Ellis, A’kylah Gary, Liam Hines, Anise Smith, Aleeyah Spruell, Blake Stransky and Olivia Wood

First Grade – Amiya Curry, Mar’Kayla Frazier, Daisy Holmquest, Brenna Richmond, Anthynee Withers and Calvarei Withers

Second Grade – Markea Bell, Malaysa Edwards, Dylan Koyama, Jaden Phillips and Bill Sawyer

Third Grade – Issac Fiske, Shelby Fulford, Brayden Loggins, Conner Mashburn, Jason Picon and Eli Siegmund

Fourth Grade – Cameron Battishill, Mar’Alicia Frazier, Alex Mallon, Nala Phillips, Evan Robison and Ryan Smith

Fifth Grade – Delilah Barth and Michael Rose

Sixth Grade – Aedon Hilson, Chris Huff, Dylan Pahl, Gabby Smith and Matthew Smith

Creative Artist:

Mariska Losiniecki, Sipher Limias, Markea Bell, Shelby Fulford, Isabella Bryant, Brooke Barenie and Samara Smith

Musically Talented:

Michael McBride, Chloe Smith, Mariska Losiniecki, Christine Rose, Elena Tobias, Isaiah Williams, Albin Wozniak, Keiden Jackson, Jovanni Rodriguez, Olivia DeMartinis, Mason Bergeon, Jordan Tobias, Kyah Hart, Lyna Ashford and Aedon Hilson

Physically Fit:

Liam Hines, Eleanor Wozniak, Markea Bell, Lamarriana Taylor, Olivia DeMartinis, Sam Rebac and Allison Sydow

STEM Challenge Winners:

1st Place at Barker -Grace Fulford, Anessa Granacki, and Allison Sydow

1st Place at Coolspring – Katelynn Schulp, Morrigan Worlds, and Myla Dombkowski

i-Ready Achievement:

Grace Fulford and Anessa Granacki

Prudential Spirit Volunteer Award:

Hillary Labis

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