In search of ... cosmic quaintness

Photo by Matt FritzJoel Brussell holds up a print of his photograph “Life isn’t Easy.”

MICHIGAN CITY — It might look like an alien planet or a polar wasteland.

But it exists only blocks from where you live.

That’s the theme of a new photography exhibit titled “The Somewhere Else of Being Here,” an exploration of the normal into the abnormal by Michiana photographer Joel Brussell, at the Nest in Michigan City.

“I’m on the visual prowl for evidence of other worlds here in the familiar of my natural ‘hood,’” Brussell said in a press release. “Most of my work is shot within four or five blocks from where I live.

“If you mistake it as Mars or the Arctic or some timeless mojo that vaguely suggests itself then maybe I’m doing something right. I’m searching for a sort of cosmic quaintness. Weird angles and accidents are as much part of my work as intentions. As a rule I see intentions as an accident at best. I let the light of the sky and the craft of the horizon do much of the work.”

The exhibit will open Friday, May 3, during a reception from 5 to 8 p.m.

“In guess I am trying to be a kind of court reporter of beauty,” Brussell said, “waiting for the judge, God, the soul, fill in the blank with a power of your choosing, to ask me to read back or more aptly, show the transcript.”

The Nest is located at 803 Franklin St., Michigan City.

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