Allyson Richards

Michigan City High School

Every student knows that Michigan City High School has an abundance of clubs for all to join. Every club is always looking for a new member. Some clubs include Steering Committee, German Club, French Club and so many more.

All clubs are important, but one club that is one of the most important is Steering Committee. There are four Steering Committees at the school, one for all four classes. It is one of the most important because they are the people that plan for every year.

When your class becomes juniors, the members get to plan the prom for that year. This is very important because everyone wants prom to be an amazing night with fun and friends. When planning prom, the committee has a lot of money. This can be hard to do sometimes. This is why there should be many students in this club. The more students you have, the more the club can do.

Most people go to the homecoming football game at the end of the season because they want to be with their friends and have a good time. If you are in Steering Committee, you get to decorate a float and be in the homecoming parade.

Raising money for prom can be fun if the club does it the right way. One way to have fun with Steering Committee and raise money is to have a car wash. The more people that come out and help, the more money the club makes. When it is hot out, everyone likes to get wet and play in the sun. This is a good way to bring your class together and raise money at the same time.

As a freshman, you do not know what any one coming into high school. Clubs can be a good way to meet new people in them and with Steering Committee, you can make friends with students of your own age and grade.

Allyson Richards is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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