Urgent/Emergency Center combine forces in Chesterton

The Rev. Joe Pottakaran, a chaplain in the Spiritual Care Services department of Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Michigan City, addresses a packed gathering at a blessing ceremony for the Franciscan Emergency Center-Chesterton’s new Urgent Care Center.

CHESTERTON — The newly-opened Franciscan Urgent Center in Chesterton combines with the established Franciscan Emergency Center to offer patients one-stop treatment for less serious conditions, as well as those that are life-threatening. 

The Emergency Center became the area’s first freestanding 24-hour facility of its kind when it opened in 2012. The Urgent Care Center, located in the same building at 770 Indian Boundary Road, is the first to offer around-the-clock urgent care.

Urgent care involves treatment of such common illnesses as colds, flu, ear aches, sore throats, migraine headaches, fever and rashes; and such less-serious injuries as sprains and strains, back pain and minor cuts and burns, bone fractures and eye injuries.

The centers are under the auspices of Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Michigan City and also are home to Franciscan Physician Network offices.

“The new urgent care center is important in that it will improve access to outstanding primary care in a more immediate fashion for area residents,” Dean Mazzoni, Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Michigan City president, said during a recent blessing ceremony, adding, “It also indicates the level of commitment Franciscan Alliance has to Chesterton and the surrounding communities. Residents can get both levels of service in the same building as they are triaged and the appropriate level of care is determined.”

Travis Thatcher-Curtis, director of emergency services, said the new offering will continue the center’s award-winning practices “of providing an exceptional patient experience along the continuum of health care.”

“Having urgent care and emergency care available at the same location will help remove the anxiety and indecision patients might have, as they know they can get either level of care here. Each patient will be made to feel the level of dignity and respect they are due, along with genuine and compassionate concern.”

For more information, visit: FranciscanAlliance.org/Chesterton.

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