More than $70 billion are lost nation-wide each year in business due to low productivity caused by employees suffering from some form of emotional problems. These personal problems affect and interfere with job performance.

Troubled employees’ performance can cost a company decreased profitability, reduction in management energy and low productivity below acceptable standards. Often, when employees miss work, due to their personal problems, workman’s compensation is utilized and expensive insurance claims are filed (for medical treatment from lack of proper counseling and treatment). Consequently, the company or business must endure these costly measures.

More than half of Americans with behavioral problems are working people. Supervisors are trained to look for symptoms of decreased job performance rather than to diagnose specific problems. Research has shown that employers who provide an appropriate level of mental health coverage have better employee functioning and approximately 40 percent fewer costs.

A well-designed EAP can fit your needs and will pay great dividends in your work place and is a valuable human resource.

• Promotes well-being of employees.

• Reduces absenteeism and turnover rate.

• Reduces healthcare costs.

• Decreases Workers Compensation claims.

• Provides support for supervisors in dealing with troubled employees.

For more information on Swanson Center’s ability to assist with EAPs, please contact Hassan Dabagia at 219-362-2145.

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