Working with the Cityzen has many benefits

Jordin AgemyCity Pride

The Newspaper program has been a part of Michigan City High School’s history since the school was opened 21 years ago. For many years, the student newspaper, The Cityzen, has been here. Many teachers have taught it and even more students have chosen to take part in this excellent extracurricular activity. Being in newspaper has numerous benefits inside and outside of school.

In newspaper, students learn to be journalists. Doing so allows individuals to use and be exposed to a variety of writing styles. Not only is this useful in the newspaper class itself, it is also useful for writing essays in English classes and writing college essay applications. These writing skills will also be useful for any career throughout the rest of our lives.

Inside the classroom, students bond as they discuss article ideas. This can affect a student's life outside of school. Students participating in the class can be very similar, which makes it easy to make new friends. New friends made in the class allow for students to be more social with one another, which helps develop self-esteem as well as an interest in the class.

The Cityzen newspaper allows students to pick and choose stories to their liking, which increases the interest in what is being written. In turn, quality of writing improves. Mrs. Chastain, the newspaper representative since 2012, encourages students to write about things that they are passionate about. Students work on their own, as well as help others to complete a new issue every month.

The newspaper program is a very good one to get into. After just one year, any student can showcase the writing abilities learned through writing numerous articles for the paper. All in all, the newspaper program is an excellent class for students to take and helps mold them into better writers and better students.  

Jordin Agemy is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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