MICHIGAN CITY — Visit Michigan City La Porte is featuring some memorabilia from the Great Lakes Museum of Military History now through April 1.

The Great Lakes Museum of Military History was created in 1993 to educate children and adults about American military heritage, and works to preserve, restore and display military memorabilia from the Revolutionary War through present times.

In 2013 the museum was forced to close, and the collection went into storage, so VMCP feels fortunate to be able to bring some of this back for the public to view and appreciate.

The Great Lakes Museum of Military History was created by co-founders Terri and Greg Mansfield and their legacy is being carried on by their son Todd. He is hoping to find a new facility to bring this collection back for everyone to enjoy.

When you visit expect to see, among other things, the Declaration of War from Japan, some very rare Civil War documents, four framed military aviation lithographs that were donated by Nancy Kleppe and a photo of WWI aviator Kenneth Holden.

Todd Mansfield said, “The museum has been very fortunate to have such a supportive community. There are many local families that have donated items either to honor themselves or their family. It is very important that we keep this museum local because it honors our veterans and is a tourism destination.”

Visit Michigan City La Porte is located at 4073 South Franklin Street, (Marquette Mall, next door to Planet Fitness) Michigan City. For more information phone 219-872-5055.

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