'Windswept' to be featured at Rising Phoenix

One of the paintings by Michigan City artist Neil Kienitz to be featured at "Windswept," a new exhibit at Rising Phoenix Gallery.

MICHIGAN CITY — This month The Rising Phoenix Gallery feature one of Michigan City's most recognized artists, Neil Kienitz, and his newest body of work, "Windswept."

In this Michigan City inspired series, visitors will see the evolution of the iconic style that's made Kienitz locally, regionally, nationally and internationally known. "Windswept" will run the entire month of June with the official opening and reception for the artist on First Friday, June 7, from 5 to 8 p.m.

According to a press release from Rising Phoenix Gallery, Kienitz fervently believes his work, and the work of all artists, should reflect his or her beliefs, values, ideals and concepts of beauty.... that art ideally should relate more to the spirit than to the eye. Integrity must be the cornerstone of work. Further more, good artwork must be competent. That is, it must embody the highest standards of technique, composition and design. When any of these areas suffer, a wall is built between the viewer and the work, excluding all possibility of any meaningful communication. When they are done well, however, the viewer is invited into the artist's world and is impacted by a caring attitude. An artist must really care.

According to Rising Phoenix, it is this spirit that Kienitz brings to his new work shown for the first time in this exhibit. While continuing with familiar themes, in this series visitors will see how Kienitz' unique and celebrated style has evolved over his expansive career. Kienitz has received more than 100 national and regional awards, Corporate and private commissions including Fox Head Oil Co., International Port of Indiana, South Shore Railroad Posters and many more. According to the Gallery, his work is in collections around the world and he has been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

His greatest desire for his work and his life is that they will bring glory to the God of his creation and salvation, Rising Phoenix said.

The Rising Phoenix Gallery is located at 2803 Franklin St, Michigan City. "Windswept" will run though June 30. Prints of the artists work will also be available in the gallery gift shop. Those is attendance on First Friday will have the opportunity to have their print signed by the artist. The Rising Phoenix Gallery supports only local and regional artists, opens a new show at the beginning of each month, and offers a variety of classes, including needle felting and glassblowing.

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