WESTVILLE — Westville Schools has announced their Academic Awards, National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society winners.

High School Academic Awards


First Year:

Cum Laude: Block Letter, Black Chevron

• Janaya Blakely, Anika Chowdhury

Second Year:

Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medal, Gold Chevron, Principal’s Pin

• Leigha Jones

Cum Laude/ Silver Medal, Black Chevron

• Gabriel Miller

Third Year:

Summa Cum Laude /Sweatshirt Award, Gold Chevron, Principal’s Pin

• John Bonczek, Kyra Dabbert, Jaron Hannon, McKenna O’Hara, Sydney Patla, Johnathan Rodgers, Peyton Rodgers

Magna Cum Laude/ Sweatshirt Award, Gold Chevron

• Kaitlyn Bishop, Kelsie Choy, Chloe Fortune, Sarah Henrich, Zackery Mitchell, Mikayla Russell, Jackson Shreves, Camden Surma

Cum Laude/ Sweatshirt, Black Chevron

• Brianna Black, Haley Lenson, Benjamin Montgomery, Marissa Stark, Leah Stockman, Jace Woods

Fourth Year:

Summa Cum Laude/Gold Medal, Gold Chevron, Pin

• Jessica Griffin, Jacob Parkman, Kaylynn Popp, Angela Shebel, Christopher Sherwood, Matthew Slana

Magna Cum Laude/ Golf Chevron, Gold Medal

• John Brand, Morgan Bruns, Rhianna Holmes, Kalie Keeling, Bianca Meeks, Jackson Nowatzke, Cora Nygra, Abigail Shebel, Abigail Velchek, Cameron Wickersham

Cum Laude / Silver Medal, Black Chevron

• Chloe Bacon, Kaitlyn Griffin, Alexandria Hisick, Cassandra Janas, Timothy Slatton, Nicholas Stoll

Salutatorian Award – Jessica Griffin

Valedictorian Award – Angela Shebel

Math Department Awards: Top students in Math –Algebra 1, Jeffrey Estes; Algebra 2, Jacob Griffin; Math Ready, Reina Steppe

Science Olympiad Recognition: Matt Slana, Angela Shebel, Kaylynn Popp, Jessica Griffin, John Bonczek, Jaron Hannon, McKenna O’Hara, Camden Surma, Sydney Patla, Zackery Mitchell, Kyra Dabbert, Jacob Griffin, Trevor Henckel, Aidan Kraemer, Mason Kraemer, Emma Ton, Grace Shebel, Kenny Pepper,

Eldred Elliott Senior Award: Timothy Slatton, Alexandria Hisick

Vocational Student of the Year: Jacob Parkman

Westville High School Citizenship Award: Jessica Griffin, Matthew Slana

Scholarship Awards:

• Tri Kappa, American Legion, John William Lower, Masonry Scholarship, Theater/Drama Scholarship, PNW CEP Student Scholarship, Rhyann Sikora Scholarship, Senior Class, Student Council\, Teachers Association Scholarship, Westville Alumni Association, Hands Off Heroin, Elks Lodge # 500 Valparaiso Most Valuable Student Scholarship, Caitlyn’Cause Scholarship, Helen Miller Scholarship, Lion’s Club/Leo Club


Middle School Academic Awards and National Junior Honor Society Awards

7th Grade

A Honor Roll

• Gia Albers, Brandon Bubalo, Gavin Hannon, Julia Kozub, Kaden Pepper, Jackson Stacy

8th Grade

Principal’s Honor Roll

• Angelina Clayton, Kylee Hendron, Aryka Ostroski

A Honor Roll

• Devon Holmes, Jesse Pavolka, Anessa Pugh, Onyx Spurrier, Emily Twardus

Spelling Bee Award: Aryka Ostroski

Student Ambassadors: Keely Qualkenbush, Katie Fagg, Jesse Pavolka, Gia Albers, Madison Stark, Addison Sonaty, Brooklyn May, Lilliana Carlson, Aryka Ostroski, Julia Kozub, Emma Swanson, Mimi Holman

Science Olympiad: Maddison Caldwell, Aryka Ostroski, Angelina Clayton, Devon Holmes, Kaden Pepper, Gavin Hannon, Jesse Pavolka, Brandon Bubalo, Julia Kozub, Rory Bradney,

National Junior Honor Society Inductees: Emily Twardus, Gavin Hannon, Julia Kozub, Brooklyn May, Maddison Stark, Michael Szentesy, Gia Albers, Addison Sonaty, Jackson Stacy

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