MCHS prom planning in full swing

Many people say that prom is one of the most important parts of high school, and as the end of the year quickly approaches, this special night does as well.

Each year, the juniors plan and host prom, and this year, the class of 2017 is working hard to create something spectacular. Prom will be held at Blue Chip Casino in the Stardust Event Center on Friday, May 13.

The class is sponsored by Ms. Arnett and Mrs. Kovalcik, with the president being Kaitlyn Steinhiser and the Vice President is Sarah Smith. They have helped lead the class in fundraising and making appropriate decisions to benefit the class as a whole. The class fundraises to try and make prom more affordable and, this year, the class has been making a lot of progress with the plans for prom.

Coming into junior year meant that more decisions had to be made and each has been more important than the one before. Recently, the theme was picked: 20’s Hollywood. Many ideas were proposed and then a survey was given out to the junior and senior English classes for students to vote for which one they liked the best. The Roaring 20’s and Hollywood were separate ideas at first, but the class decided to bring them together to make them into one solid idea. So far, this has proved to be successful. While the class has faced some setbacks with this combination, they are working through them pretty diligently. Usually issues come up when making decisions of which way to go on the theme because they are two separate ideas. A couple weeks ago, the group split into different committees to pick some choices for prom favors and table centerpieces.

Another part of the tradition of prom is that post prom is held at City Lanes and the day after prom the students go to Six Flags. This year, the class has decided to break away from this tradition and go to Cedar Point instead.

The classes are still working on trying to make this event affordable for all students, and are hoping to get donations from local businesses. There are still many more decisions and planning to do before prom, but the class is working hard to get these things done in a timely manner and create something special for the seniors.

Destiny Harvel is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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