PORTAGE — The Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest is launching a full year of programming in 2020 that includes interactive monthly workshops, an innovation masterclass series, partner events and more networking opportunities.

“Since its inception, our organization has done a great job of recognizing and celebrating Northwest Indiana’s innovators,” said Sheila Matias, executive director of the Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest. “This new programming will help us better connect and develop those across the region who are leading the innovation charge.”

Monthly Workshops

PNW said the Society of Innovators’ monthly workshops will provide a hands-on environment that connects participants with the people, tools and resources that drive growth. Each workshop highlights a key component of innovation, led by an experienced professional. The cost of each workshop is $20.

Upcoming sessions include:

n Friday, Feb. 7: Trend Driven Innovation – What will your customers want next? What if you could understand and apply any consumer trend, today? In this hands-on workshop, participants will work with the Consumer Trends Canvas to better understand what your customers want next by looking at some key consumer trends and innovations that are driving the trends.

n Friday, March 6: Introduction to Business Design Thinking – You have excellent strategic ideas. You can visualize what success looks like. You are hungry to make it happen. But how do you do it? This workshop will introduce you to tools and processes that are part of the foundation needed for Business Design Thinking.

Masterclass Series

Through a partnership with Gregg Fraley Innovation (GFi), the Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest will host a series of six innovation-training masterclasses in 2020. According to PNW, the Jumpstart Innovation Learning Series seeks to train innovators and entrepreneurs in essential innovation skills. Participants are managers, project leaders, small business owners, and those charged with leading innovation programs.

The content of the sessions includes basic innovation skills and deliberate creative problem-solving. Over the course of the series, more advanced topics in cutting-edge innovation strategy, branding, culture building, and project management are trained.

The Jumpstart Innovation Masterclass Series is offered as a subscription package, with each module advancing participant knowledge about innovation in a new way. However, participants can also buy a specific module of interest.

The cost of the series is $599 for all six workshops. Purchased individually, the workshops are $149 each.

Upcoming sessions include:

n Friday, March 13: Structured Creative Problem-Solving

n Friday, May 15: Facilitation Skills and Tools for Leadership

n Friday, Aug. 21: Innovating Your Brand

n Friday, Oct. 9: The Art of Agility (Agile/SCRUM Concepts)

n Friday, Dec. 11: Improvisation for Business Problem-Solving

Workshops and masterclasses will take place in Purdue Northwest’s meeting facility, 6100 Southport Road, Portage, Indiana. Those wishing to attend may call Jason Williams at 219-989-2805, or register online at www.pnw.edu/soi/events/.

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