MICHIGAN CITY — A freight railroad company with service to Kingsbury has gone five years without any injuries, reported company officials on Friday.

Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad’s (CSS) Transportation Department employees reached the five-year mark of injury-free performance on July 11, according to a CSS press release, and will be marking the occasion July 29 with an employee cookout and awards presentation.

It’s the first time for such an achievement in South Shore Freight’s history, said Mike Shore, CSS vice president of operations, reflecting an emphasis on safety fostered across the entire company.

“This success has created a strong sense of pride and ownership in our team. It’s how they work each and every day,” Shore explained. “This happened over time with the support of every employee, every department, and every manager.”

An affiliate of Anacostia Rail Holdings (ARH), South Shore operates 127 miles of line providing rail freight service between Chicago and South Bend, and Chicago and Kingsbury, with connections to all Chicago-area railroads as well as the Port of Chicago.

Shore credits all departments at CSS with making the Transportation Team’s safety record possible, citing a high level of cooperation and communication.

“Our Track and Mechanical Departments respond to employees and address issues either before they become a hazard, or address them as they are reported,” Shore said. “Employees recognize this support and go above and beyond to help one another in the performance of their work.”

CSS has already garnered an award for its work. In 2018, the American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association recognized CSS with its President’s Award, in recognition of South Shore Freight’s outstanding safety achievements in 2017. CSS won in the category for railroads with a maximum of 150,000 qualifying man-hours.

“We’ve been consistent in our message, which begins at the top of our organization,” says Shore, “We believe in safety, and we support our teams’ commitment to doing what is right and doing what is safe. That mindset, that culture has led us to where we are today.”

Anacostia Rail Holdings Company is a short-line holding company operating six affiliates in seven states. In addition to CSS, Anacostia’s other lines include Louisville & Indiana Railroad, Gulf Coast Switching Company, New York & Atlantic Railway Company, Northern Lines Railway, and Pacific Harbor Line.

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