Upping the odds of wackiness

The young cast members of "The Wizard of Odds" coming to Footlight Theatre.

MICHIGAN CITY — Get ready to hold your sides with laughter from one of the “punniest” shows on stage when you take your seat and let the twister take you away from your dull, ordinary life, to a whacky version of a classic adventure when the Footlight Players present "The Wizard of Odds."

You’ll still meet Dorothy and Toto and a few other old friends but for the most part there is a whole new land of crazy and odd characters, no odder than the Wizard of Odds himself.

Show-dates are Saturday, June 22, at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, June 23, at 2 p.m. Ticket prices are $15 with a $10 price for children 12 and under.

According to a press release from the Footlight Players, the theatre group is proud to produce this two-week workshop production made possible with the help of a grant from Michigan City Outreach Organization, The grant allowed the group to enroll 29 area youth to learn the art of putting on a full-fledged musical at no cost to them or their families. This is the groups 2nd workshop after last year’s success of "The Death and Good Times of Julius Caesar."

The participants this year include Aspyn Beaty, Addison Boyd, Abigaile Braithwaite, Ella & Wil Crane, Abigail & Charlotte Demsich, Maggie Evans, Tessa Glancy, Chloey Landis, Savanna Medin, Ella, Jack, Liam, Mary Cate & Molly Neary, Ryan Otto, Alexus Passmore, Declan Rice, Benicio Rivera, Ella Ruczinski, Jaren Swindell, Michael J. Thomas, Madisyn Venice, Alivia Verdeyen, Katelyn West, Michael Thomas and Charlotte Wildfang.

They were instructed by Robert (Bobby) Komendera, Lee Meyer, and Debbie Bartholomew in all aspects of theatrical arts including music, voice, dance and stage persona.

The theater only seats 80 and these two shows sell out rapidly, so make your reservations early by calling  219-874-4035 or going online at www.footlightplayers.org.

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