MICHIGAN CITY — On Dec. 4, the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce held the Inspiring Women luncheon & program at Blue Chip Casino.

In celebration of the annual event and its 100th Anniversary, they recognized 100 inspiring women and their contributions to the Chamber, the economy, and the community. Keynote speaker Vicki Henn, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for the PNC Financial Services Group, touched on issues such as discrimination, harassment and pay disparity during the luncheon, and then closed out with words of empowerment and encouragement.

The Chamber’s chosen inspiring women are making a difference personally or professionally, past, present and future. Harbour Trust & Investment Management Company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie Oberlie, was not only the awards sponsor but was also awarded as an Inspiring Woman by the Chamber. Among recipients was Harbour Trust’s Executive Assistant, Sharon Ziething.

Oberlie was born and raised in Michigan City and currently serves on several not-for-profit boards. When she was a child, her family instilled in her the importance of giving back to her community by volunteering her time to effect change. Ziething is community service oriented and is always willing to donate her time and efforts to help improve and see change for the community she lives in.

Harbour Trust would like to congratulate both Oberlie and Ziething for not only their dedication to the community and economy, but also for their dedication to the company and their clients’ futures.

Harbour Trust & Investment Management Company’s trained and educated professionals guide its clients through difficult financial markets with the knowledge to create solid investment plans designed to meet specific financial goals. Currently managing more than half a billion dollars in assets, Harbour Trust & Investment Management Company focuses on achieving long-term financial goals for each person and their families for whom they work.

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