Elder anniversary at COGIC

MICHIGAN CITY — The members of Pentecostal Temple COGIC invite you and your friends to join them as they honor a man of God and his wife, Elder Robert Johnson and Elect Lady Genie Johnson, for their 13th year celebration on Saturday. They are expecting Admin. Cleveland Agee of Glorified Temple Ministry, 900 Arizona Street, Gary, and on Sunday, Oct. 27, at 4 p.m., Administrator Michael Bush, New Jerusalem COGIC, Kingford Heights, their guest speakers.

Their theme for this occasion is: Gods Man of Honor and Valor – 2 Timothy 2:21

 Should you have any questions, contact Sis. Henrietta Steward-White at 219-878-0995. They serve food on Sunday after service.


Gospel Crusaders

MICHIGAN CITY — The Gospel Crusaders will celebrate their anniversary with a musical on Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. at Pleasand Hill MB Church, 717 E. 10th St., Michigan City. Guests will include The Heavenly Sounds, The Spiritual Brothers, The New Hope Male Choir, Benita Hatcher, Dennis Nixon, Minister Tina Redden, The Golden Christian Singers, Craig Littlejohn, Bob Henderson and The Melody Heirs.

For more information, call Mary Garner at 219-879-8748 or 219-210-7863.

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