La PORTE — City Electric Supply, an electrical wholesale distributor headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has announced the opening of its 500th branch location in La Porte.

According to CES, the company has been paving the way through many towns across the country since opening the first branch in the United States in 1983. In the year 2000, CES had 100 stores nationwide, and in just under 20 years, the wholesale distributor was able to add 400 more. CES said the latest branch opening is a milestone for the company’s aggressive growth initiative. 

“My grandfather, Tom Mackie, opened the first CES branch in the United States in 1983. And being the hard-working, enterprising man that he was, he opened the 10th US branch just one year later,” said CES President & CEO Thomas Hartland-Mackie. “So it is both thrilling and humbling to have reached this significant milestone of 500 branch locations. I know my grandfather would have been so proud to see this day come, and I am grateful to the whole City Electric Supply team for helping us to continue his legacy.”

According to CES, La Porte was an obvious choice for the new branch. While the town has a high volume of industrial work, it also has a dense commercial market, which will bring branch customers from the carnival factory and local businesses. CES said the city has a fascinating history, and is the home of the largest 4th of July parade in Indiana.

“It feels great to be a part of this milestone for the company,” said Jaime Marujo, vice president of operations. “The La Porte Branch has already proven to be very successful in the short time it’s been around. We are happy to have the team District Manager Jeff Williamson has assembled on board.”

Branch Manager Brian Vergin and his team have 22 years of combined experience. The day after Vergin left his previous job, he immediately kicked off his journey with CES and began searching for the perfect location.

“It took about four weeks to get the keys and for the fun to start,” said Vergin. “We hired a local contractor for our storefront buildout, found an electrician and HVAC company that were previous customers of mine, and brought in a highly decorated painter who is known for painting the downtown area.”

Vergin said he is confident in his ability to be one of the best distributors in the area.

“I know I can achieve the goals my district manager has set for me. I cannot wait to make this store the best for CES,” Vergin said.

Hartland-Mackie credits the company's success to the support, dedication and entrepreneurial of the CES local teams.

“It’s your hard work and commitment to best-in-class customer service, that helps us to continue thriving and growing,” said Hartland-Mackie. “As our goal is to continue to open between 25 – 40 new branch locations each year, we are excited to continue onward with you to our next 500 branch locations.” 

CES is on the path to reaching another milestone internationally as it nears the opening of its 1000th store worldwide. 

The company was founded in 1951 by Tom Mackie in the United Kingdom and expanded to the United States in 1983. Today, CES employs more than 3,000 people in almost 500 branches across the U.S.

CES said it is the eighth larges electrical wholesale distributor in the U.S. and is dedicated to providing personalized service and support for customers in the residential, commercial and industrial marketplace. 

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