Genealogical Society presents awards

Anne Durrant, Carol Lloyd and Ron Hyer, from left, hold their certificates awarded on Sept. 10.

La PORTE — The La Porte County Genealogical Society recently presented its annual Residency Certificate awards. Chairperson of the Committee, Fern Eddy Schultz, and committee members, Anne Durrant and Alan Zeller, reviewed and approved the awarding of the following certificates:

• Pioneer Family for documented ancestor in La Porte County during the period 1841 to 1860 — Carol Lloyd, whose ancestor, Nehemiah Pratt was an early settler in Cass Township; and Anne Durrant and her son, David Durrant, whose ancestor, Joseph Pizarek, was in La Porte County by 1855.

• Settler Family for an ancestor residing in La Porte County 1860-1880 — To Ron Hyer for his ancestor, Christoph Heuer.

• Civil War Family for a documented ancestor who served in the Union Army from La Porte County — To Ron Hyer for George Walker, who served in Company D of the 136th Indiana Regiment.

Visit the Society’s FaceBook page or the blog at for information regarding obtaining an application for this program. Deadline for receipt of applications by the Society is July 31 of each year. Certificates are awarded annually at the September meeting of the Society. The primary purposes of the Residency Certificate program are (1) To identify and honor the memory of the earliest pioneers and veterans of la Porte County and (2) To show the proved pioneer’s and veteran’s lasting mark on the county they helped develop and serve by honoring their descendants.

In addition to the above classifications, the society also presents First Family Certificates, honoring families or individuals residing in the County before Dec. 31, 1841.

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