ISP passes grievance audit

Joshua Wallen, grievance specialist at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City.

MICHIGAN CITY – The Indiana State Prison in Michigan City has successfully completed a comprehensive audit of its Offender Grievance System, with no deficiencies cited.

The Department of Correction utilizes the Grievance Process to allow offenders to express most issues in a constructive manner, according to Warden Ron Neal. The Grievance Policy allows offenders to informally attempt to resolve an issue he may be having, but if the results do not meet the offender’s expectations, he can formally grieve the issue. Sometimes, events occur that staff may not be aware of and this process allows for staff to react and resolve the issue. By maintaining and utilizing the Grievance Process, offender and staff safety and security is improved which then improves the day to day life of everyone involved, Neal said.

"Joshua Wallen, grievance specialist at ISP, was very cooperative and accommodating during the course of the Grievance Audit," Department Supervisor John Harvil said. "A number and variety of files were randomly selected to complete the audit. The files were found to be secure, well organized, and easily accessible. Mr. Wallen is well versed on the grievance and related policies as evidenced by the quality of work in his files. I could find no deficiencies.”

Neal said, “Josh is a rising Star and is doing an excellent job for us in this area!”

The Indiana State Prison is currently seeking qualified candidates to volunteer teaching pro-social activities and programs to offenders. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact for more information.

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