MICHIGAN CITY — Is Your Child Struggling with Drugs or Alcohol? Swanson Center Can Help…

Addiction starts in adolescence and your child may have a genetic predisposition that can trigger addiction instantly. The “feel good” experience triggers pleasure centers of the brain and changes the brain function which can lead to addiction.

Even minimal or periodic use of drugs and alcohol e.g., beer, can interfere with the brain’s development and lead to addiction. Early intervention is necessary and the shorter time that your child uses, generally results in an easier and sometimes shorter recovery.

If your child exhibits the following behaviors or changes, you might want to contact a professional:

• Their choice of friends change. Old friends are dropped and they hang out with a new set of friends

• You notice a drop in grades and general overall disinterest in school and activities

• Your child is easily agitated and shows signs of being depressed

• Mood swings with highs and lows

• Your child no longer communicates or confides in you

• Experimentation with pot and alcohol could lead to more serious use in the future

You don’t have to go at it alone. Our caring team of professionals are here to help make you and your families’ lives better. For more than 45 years, our dedicated staff has been serving people in LaPorte County.

Having a secure, confidential place to talk about your problems is one of the most important aspects of counseling. Trusting in people that you confide in is our utmost concern. Our services are strictly confidential.

• We specialize in adolescents aged 13 to 17.

• Children younger than 13 can be helped through individual, family, case management and school based services skills training and education

• We utilize an evidenced based curriculum program with group, individual and family treatment

• Services are offered both during and after school

• Family support and empowerment to assist in education

• Collaboration with school system and other community agencies

• Regular drug testing

• Transportation from Michigan City to our LaPorte office

• HIPPA protects your child’s confidentiality

• Referrals are not necessary

• We proudly serve as a provider for most major HMO and PPO plans. Swanson Center accepts all Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

• If you have questions or concerns about your ability to pay, please talk to us about them

Call our LaPorte Outpatient Services office today at 219-362-2145, to learn more about our Teen Substance Abuse program and ask us about transportation options.

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