MICHIGAN CITY — A mobile outdoor drawing class to help attendees reconnect with nature will be offered at Tryon Farm this weekend in Michigan City.

Kristina Isabelle Dance and Tryon Farm Institute will present Drawing You Outside, a mobile outdoor drawing room for participants to explore nature and the landscape through handmade charcoal, on Saturday from 3-5 p.m. All ages and experiences are welcome.

An Artist Salon Talk will follow the workshop at 5 p.m. Art supplies will be provided.

“Drawing You Outside” is a collaboration project created by visual artist Christine Forni and filmmaker James Forni. The project creates a mobile outdoor open drawing room for participants to survey the landscape surrounding them.

Suggested donations are $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Meet at the Tryon Farm Barn at 1500 Tryon Road, Michigan City.

According to Kristina Isabelle Dance, the slow art of mark making on paper helps participants gain a connection to the outside and retain a tactile memory from drawing, so they can experience beauty, empathy and understanding for the environment.  

This drawing exercise begins with a walk in the woods. The participants will be encouraged to write about their experience along the walk such as the sounds and smells, and they will be guided to see how light interacts and moves through nature. They will draw nature for an hour at two specific sites.

Christine Forni is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, alternative photography, drawing, and installation. She exhibited at venues such as Ueno Royal Japanese Art Museum, DeCordova Sculpture Museum, Piedmont’s Museo di Scienze Naturali to Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.

Forni lives in Chicago. In 2015, she uprooted her life to study abroad in Paris. While overseas she exhibited photograms at Academia Romana and was invited as a guest speaker to the international physicists conference on Constructal Law in Bucharest.

Born in Cleveland, she spent her younger years in the industrial cities of Pittsburgh and Detroit while living next to a forest preserve. She helped her grandmother create a living plant specimen collection overtaking their formal dining room; with her grandfather she planted vegetables and grafted trees in their victory garden to feed the family. Forni said she experienced a dichotomy of industrial backdrops along with time spent around nature and plants in domestic settings.

If you need an ADA accommodation, call 614-638-6186.

For more information, contact Kristina Isabelle Art in Nature - Director 614-638-6186 or kristinaisabelledance@gmail.com, or go to  www.kristinaisabelledance.com/art-in-nature-tryon-farm-institute.

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