MICHIGAN CITY — A local church expects to giveaway hundreds of turkeys this year to those wishing for a bountiful Thanksgiving dinner.

Advancing Christ’s Kingdom Ministries Michigan City (ACKM-MC) has entered into its seventh year of “Feeding the Multitudes,” their annual food drive and turkey giveaway; an event both benefiting and held at the ACKM-MC food bank which opens every Wednesday from 8 to 10 a.m.

This year’s turkey giveaway will begin at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 1407 E. Michigan Blvd. An estimated 400 turkeys will be given away.

As Dierre Glenn, senior pastor of ACKM-MC said, “No one knows how much you care until you show them.” And since love sometimes comes in the form of a hot meal, Glenn has requested the assistance of church members’ and local businesses in giving back to the community.

The ministry’s food bank not only provides local residents with donations of food throughout the year, but also serves as a resource center for individuals in need. The winter months are the food bank’s busy season since many are without work, paying high utility bills, and dealing with other stressful issues.

While the vast majority of the food bank’s donations come from the Feeding the Multitudes event where members of the church donate non-perishable goods as well as provide monetary donations to purchase turkeys for distribution, ACKM-MC has recently welcomed the Michigan City Civil Rights Commission, Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation, Heart of Cook Berrien Community Foundation and the Unity Foundation of La Porte County (Kabelin Family Fund) as community partners and has accepted the assistance of private donors as well.

“What we do for someone in need, we do also for Jesus. Matthew 25:40 tells us that,” Glenn said.

For more information concerning Advancing Christ’s Kingdom-Michigan City, Community Harvest Fest and/or Feeding The Multitudes, you can find Advancing Christ’s Kingdom Ministries-Michigan City on any social media site including ackm-mc.org or you can visit the food bank on Wednesdays from 8 to 10 a.m.

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