Recently, I met with Scott Ott, the owner of Maple City Roasters, which is a local independent coffee roaster located in Michigan City.

Scott is a graduate of LaPorte High School and for more than 30 years he worked in the printing business. He said, “When the economy went south a few years ago, I had to find another profession. I had some friends that were interested in the coffee business and they invited me to visit some Costa Rica coffee farms. You might say I was hooked and in 2012 I bought this business.”

The goal of Maple City Roasters is to provide the freshest coffee beans from around the world to your home. "We pride ourselves in roasting the finest coffee possible and in addition, we can roast your favorite coffee to your favorite style," Ott said.

Ott and his fellow coffee friends travel to Costa Rica and go directly to the farmer. There, they identify the beans that they feel will produce the best coffee, then they go to the local coffee market to buy exactly what they want from the farm they like. They believe that the key to great coffee is in the roasting. Roasted coffee beans achieve their peak flavor and aroma in the first three weeks after roasting, so they roast their beans several times a week. They offer a wide variety of roasted organic beans and a variety of flavored coffees. 

Ott likes to host special promotional events and fundraisers for schools and churches and he will blend and name the coffees to suit the occasion. He is always experimenting with new flavors that reflect our community.

You will receive a friendly welcome when you visit and you will be immediately engaged in conversation because here is a man that looks forward to going to work every day. Maple City Roasters is located at 822 N Karwick Rd., Michigan City. Visit them online at

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