Q: I was following a semi-truck driving down I-94 and watched corn falling out of the back of the truck. It was kinda funny but my brother said this was littering. It does not seem like littering to me since the birds can eat it. Can someone get into trouble for this?

A: Yes they can! There are only two exceptions in the "Leaky Load" law. Except for a vehicle containing poultry or livestock going to market or a highway maintenance vehicle spreading sand or de-icing chemicals, a vehicle may not be driven on a roadway if the vehicle's contents are dripping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping from the vehicle.

So corn's a no...... but feathers are a go!

Q: I have my tongue pierced and was told that if I get stopped for drinking the police are not allowed to give me a breath test because the metal would give a false sample. Is this really true?

A: Although there is no evidence a metal tongue piercing would have any effect on a breath test, Indiana considers the metal tongue piercing a "foreign body" that must not be in the mouth for 20 minutes prior to a breathalyzer test. This is not a law but a requirement enacted by the State Department of Toxicology who is charged with the oversight of the scientific integrity and analysis of toxicological samples submitted from law enforcement organizations, coroners and other entities. If you fail to comply with removing any foreign objects it is considered refusal. This also means, gum, candy and mints.

Q: I was pulled over for speeding in South Bend and the officer told me that my license was "Suspended" from receiving a ticket when I lived in Michigan City and gave me another ticket. I had no idea and no one has ever notified me of this. How is this fair?

A: This is why it is very important to make a change of address or name change with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. In Indiana "Notice of Suspension" is sent to the address you provide for your driver's license or the address you present to the arresting officer when being issued a ticket.

Q: Does your Driver's License expire on your birthday or at the end of the month?

A: An Indiana Driver's license expires on the driver's birthday. If your birthday falls on a day on when the BMV is closed, you must renew on the next business day. A delinquent fee is charged if renewed after that date.

In last column's riddle, sponsored by First United Methodist Church, the winner of the $30 Gas Card was Sandy Galinowski of Michigan City. Let's answer last column's riddle of the six digit number we were after in the number game. The answer of course was 714217.

The sponsor of this week's riddle is our friends Joe and Betty Coar of La Porte. The winner receives $30 Gasoline Gift Card.

There are five cell doors, one leads to the exit, the others lead to life in prison. They are in a line. The clues tell you which position the cells are in the line. All the clues are true. Each cell door has a clue written on it. The clues read:

The blue cell: This door is two spots away from the cell to freedom.

The red cell: This door is at the far right, and is two spots away from the blue cell.

The purple cell: This door is not next to the cell to freedom.

The green cell: This door is left of the blue cell.

The orange cell: This door is not next to the red or blue cells.

Which color cell leads to freedom?

The 13th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins!

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext #333, or e-mail ASKACOP@emichigancity.com.

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