Q: I’m only 20 and not old enough to get a handgun permit so is it legal to carry a fake/toy gun that looks real on you? Can I get arrested?

A: Carrying a toy gun is not illegal, however, it's pretty stupid! I am not sure what kind of “security” a fake gun provides, but if you are attacked by a criminal, a fake gun isn’t going to offer you any protection. The notion that you will stop a criminal from an action by the use of a toy or fake gun is unrealistic and can lead to you getting shot or injured.

Q: I am graduating high school this year and I really want to be a police officer. I have read your advice on studying criminal justice in college, which makes sense, but is there other specific subjects I should be majoring in that would be better for me?

A: I know how hard it can be for a high school senior to make major life decisions. I’m no life coach, lol, but in my opinion, anything that teaches marketable skills and not just theories. Business along with computer, agricultural, communication and language studies relate not only to law enforcement but apply to nearly every industry (If you end up changing your mind).

Consider what type of law enforcement you are interested in (City Police, County Police, State Police, DNR, FBI etc.) and your personal interests. Then see what college courses or degrees interest you, and provides you with marketable skills in law enforcement. For example computer skills and foreign language will help in all areas of law enforcement. Accounting is huge in federal enforcement (FBI/Secret Service), and agricultural science can lead to the Department of Natural Resources or Park Rangers. Best Wishes!

Q: I hope you can help clear up a question regarding taillights. I purchased some tinting for my taillights from eBay in which my dad tells me this is illegal because it is too dark. Why would they sell if it is illegal?

A: Indiana Code 9-19-6-4 states that taillights must, “emit a red light plainly visible from a distance of five hundred (500) feet to the rear." Obviously, the light lens applied by the manufacturer of your automobile follows strict guidelines to ensure visibility and safety. Altering your lights will diminish the light output and may result in receiving a ticket for Improper Tail lamp Display. If you read the small print from the aftermarket companies most state “off road use only."

Q: Thanks for answering my question as it helped a lot, but are the questions you receive kept confidential?

A: Of course not. As you can see I print the questions along with answers in this column. I do “re-write” some of them so they make sense. I, however, never print names of the writers or release this information to the public.

The winner of the $30 gas card sponsored by Sauer’s Ford Lincoln of Michigan City was Ann Adams from Michigan City. In last column’s riddle of who was the burglar at Sauer’s Ford and what color was his hair and who was his partner, the answer was Frank who had black hair and a partner named Hank!

 The sponsor for this week’s riddle is Mike Buda and staff at Holly’s Restaurant and Pub in Michigan City. The winner receives a $30 gas card.

Adam who is in third grade, was having trouble with his math homework and was getting very frustrated. To encourage him his dad made him a homework deal. He agreed to pay Adam 8 cents for every math problem he correctly solved and to fine him 5 cents for each incorrect solution. At the end of 26 problems, neither owes anything to the other. How many math problems did Adam solve correctly?

The 7th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins.

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at


873-1461, Ext #333, or e-mail ASKACOP@emichigancity.com

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