"Broadway's Hits and Hidden Gems" was Canterbury Winter Theatre's first performance of the season. Director, Brant Beckett creatively incorporated several popular singles with a few that were not given the credit that they deserved, from musicals such as: Wicked, A Chorus Line, Annie, The Music Man, West Side Story, Rent, and many more.

The show will have its final performance tonight at 7.

The performers, which consisted of three men, three women and two children made the show entertaining for all ages. Micah Spiece began a flawless rendition of "With You," from Pippen. Heidi Buonomo sang like a Disney princess, with her performance of "Popular" from Wicked.

Andrew Crane performed a number from You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, as the rest of the cast came out singing and dancing with him. Among the cast were his two children, William and Eleanor, and his wife, Marquette Catholic High School's theater, speech, and music teacher, Amy Crane. To see a family of singers brought me back to the Family, Von Trapp, from The Sound of Music. Each member sang several songs together, as well as a few solo numbers.

"At the Ballet," was a crowd favorite, from A Chorus Line. Heidi Buonomo, Amy Crane, and Kathryn Hein, theatre teacher at Clay High School in South Bend, were a well-matched trio. Amy Crane's imagery of dancing with her Daddy was excellent, and brought tears to my eyes.

Jacob West was a pleasant surprise. His combination of dance moves and singing were wonderfully engaging. His renditions of "Cool" from West Side Story, and "Dentist" from Little Shop of Horrors were exceptional!

Micah Spiece's performance of "I'm Going Home" was a brilliant way to end the show. He captivates the audience, and as the whole cast wraps up the number, they literally engage the audience in a hilarious Time Warp experience! For ticket information call the Festival Players Guild at 219-874-4269.

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