Sage Santana

Michigan City High School

There is nothing more wonderful to see in a community than a sense of support, especially to those who have served our nation. Michigan City High School recently put on its second annual Veterans Day celebration, in which local veterans are welcomed to watch a presentation put on by the JROTC, and hear a guest speaker give a brief talk on the topic of Veteran's Day.  

The ceremony itself is modest and reverent, and most importantly, honors local veterans and connects members of the community.

This is what made this year's Veterans Day presentation so important. Veterans Day itself is a national day of remembrance and honor for all our veterans. However, too often this day is not at the forefront of the minds of today's teenagers. They find themselves busy with what they deal with every day, and if they do not have family who has served in the military, it often goes by as another day.

However, this is what the beauty of the Veterans Day presentation holds. The presentation not only allows for our veterans, who deserve every thanks possible, to receive their rightful acknowledgement, but also for the next generation to realize the great sacrifice so many people have made for their rights and freedoms.

As the presentation came to a close, there was a feeling of community in the gymnasium, and as the flag passed by the students and veterans, there was a look of pride on those who had served our country, and a look of pride among those who were able to show their gratitude to those men and women.

Sage Santana is a student at Michigan City High School City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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