Ask a Cop: Can I stop a creep from taking my picture?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: I am so upset because I recently just found out from my friends that a guy I went to school with last year has been taking pictures of me with his cell phone over the last few weeks without my permission. There were several photos of me at the parade and fireworks and one at the beach. None of these pictures were indecent, but he has shared them with a few of my friends and it really creeps me out. Can I do something about this or can the police help?

A: This is a tough situation and I first suggest you ask this person to stop. The unfortunate part is there is no expectation of privacy when you are in public. Individuals can take pictures or video in a public setting without any permission as long as they are not indecent. The line gets crossed if they begin using the pictures for wrong or illegal purposes, or it becomes harassing or stalking, then the police can get involved.

Q: My father-in-law is retired, and every morning takes his dog Daisy for a ride to the park in his car. When he does, Daisy, who is quite large, rides right on his lap hanging out of the window. Can he get into trouble for this?

A: Sounds like Daisy is one lucky dog. Apart from being a distraction and potentially dangerous driving practice, there is no Indiana law prohibiting the way animals ride in a car or truck. If this causes an accident, it can be determined as a driver's "distraction" as a reason for the accident.

Q: My brother made a mistake and was recently charged with domestic battery against his girlfriend, which is still pending in court. His girlfriend is pregnant, and they already have one child together. He wants to know what is going on with her, but he can't call her, and she can't call him to tell him anything about the baby or pregnancy because of the no contact order. How can she get this dropped?

A: I could say a lot.......but this is why they have no contact orders! In most cases, the only way to have the no contact order dropped is having the alleged victim contact the prosecutor to inform them of the desire to have contact with the defendant. Be mindful that once domestic violence charges have been filed, the prosecutor will look out for the best interest of the victim, even if this means denying her request.

Q: I recently just moved my family into a new home by Edgewood School. Is there a website available to look up convicted sex offenders that might be in the area?

A: Yes there is! In Indiana you may use the Indiana Sheriff's registry at, or the national database at

Q: I am not sure who to believe, but I want to put "tinting" on my taillights. Some of my friends have it, but I was told by a police officer that it was illegal. Can you tell me the law on this?

A: I received two questions about this recently, so it must be a new thing. Indiana law 9-19-6-4 requires a taillight to "emit a red light plainly visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear." Putting tint over your taillights will obviously diminish the light output and may result in you being cited for improper tail lamp display.

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