Ask a Cop: Will I get in trouble for using fake urine?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q:Text ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Color My job has a new drug policy for our drivers they just started this year of random drug screening. Occasionally I smoke marijuana and take my mom’s muscle relaxers for my back pain. I am afraid I am going to lose my job. My friend suggested that I buy some fake urine just in case I get picked. Will I get in trouble for this?

A: Yep, you sure can, but the fake urine seems to be the least of your worries! In Indiana the possession or use of synthetic urine for the purpose of defrauding an alcohol, drug, or urine screening test commits a class B misdemeanor.

Q: I recently read in the newspaper that your department had arrested someone for “Strangulation.” Wouldn’t you kill someone if you strangled them? Did I read this wrong or what exactly does this mean?

A: In Indiana, a person, who in a rude, angry, or insolent manner, applies pressure to the throat or neck or torso of another person or obstructs the nose or mouth of another person in a manner that impedes normal breathing or blood circulation, commits Strangulation, a Level 6 felony.

Q: I just inherited my grandfather’s 1936 Ford and want to sell it. A guy in Jeffersonville wants to buy it but I have to deliver it as part of the deal. How can I deliver it without a license plate?

A:Text ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Color Any Indiana resident who can provide proof of ownership and proof of insurance, may apply to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a 96-hour temporary delivery permit which allows you to operate a vehicle on the public highway without obtaining a title or registration. Proof of ownership may include any of the following: A Certificate of Title, A registration from any state, a bill of sale, or a certificate of origin.

Q: Here is a question for you. Suppose you have a rookie cop who is with a senior officer learning the ropes and the senior officer stops at a local bar and has some beers. What should the rookie cop do?

A: What movie did you get that from? Ask me a serious question!

Q: Last weekend I was with my boyfriend at a local bar when we got into a small fight. The police were called and, without hardly asking me questions, arrested him. I have since forgiven him and my eye is fine. How do I get charges dropped on someone if I didn’t really press charges, but the police department did?

A: Once a person has been arrested by the police, the information and investigation obtained by the police in their report is forwarded to the prosecutor to determine if criminal charges and or a criminal warrant will issue. If charges are filed, at this point the only way charges will be dropped will be based upon prosecutorial discretion, regardless of whether or not you choose to drop the charges. I would advise you to still speak with the prosecutor and communicate your wishes to have the charges dropped, although they are not obligated to do so.

Q: What is the phone number for the dog warden?

A:Text ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/SolidText ColorSwatch/NoneStrokeStyle/$ID/Solid$ID/NothingText ColorText Color$ID/NothingText ColorText Color Actually, we have the privilege of having two Animal Control Officers that are stationed within our Police Department. These officers are Officer Julie Holbrook and Officer Natalie Howe. They can both be reached at 874-3221 Ext. #1030 and #1031.

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To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext. #1020, or e-mail

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