Ask a Cop: Sorry, no happy hours in Indiana

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: My friends and I hang out at a local bar in Michigan City and we got into a huge discussion about why they don’t run a “Happy Hour” and reduce the cost of the drinks. The owner said that he surly would, but it was against the law. My friends and I think that he is just being cheap! Who is right?

A: Sorry, he may be cheap, but he is also right! In Indiana the “Happy Hour Law” states that a bar may not reduce the price of alcoholic beverages during a portion of the day and then sell the same drinks for a higher price the remainder of the day. The law also states that a bar may not sell “2 for 1” drink specials at any time. So, in other words, they are allowed, for example, to sell beer half price on Mondays as long as it is the entire day and night on Monday. Throw this one at him!

Q: My grandma lives with us and she is pretty sharp for 86 years old. She stopped driving when she moved in with us four years ago and her driver’s license is expired. Now for some crazy reason she wants to start driving again! Is she allowed to?

A: In Indiana, your grandma may renew her license, but must pay a $6 administration fee, pass a knowledge examination, a driving skills exam, and a standard vision screening or submit documentation from her eye doctor. While we are on the subject, Indiana Driver’s licenses are valid for six years if you are 74 years or under in age, three years if you are 75 to 84 years old, and every two years if you are 85 years old and older. Remind Grandma “not to Text and Drive!”

Q: I took my buddies to Burger King after we went to the movies. As I was taking them home, one of my friends threw his cup out the window. We got pulled over and the officer told me it was my fault and I would receive the ticket if I did not return and pick it up. I did exactly that, but why would I get the ticket?

A: The officer was correct and actually did give you a break. Whoever operates any vehicle is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle and the conduct of their passengers. This relates to such things as littering, hanging arms, legs or other items out of the vehicle, or acting in a disorderly manner.

Q: What is the cost of a roofing permit in Michigan City?

A: Whether you do it yourself or have a company roof your home, it is $25.00 for the first $1000.00 and additional $8.00 per $1000.00 in total cost after that.

The winner of the $30 Gas Card sponsored by Szyzmanski Roofing of Michigan City was Judith Galligan of Valparaiso. Last column’s riddle of what comes once in “a year,” twice “every month,” four times “every week,” and five times “every eleventh day?” Of Course, the answer was the letter “E!”

The sponsor for this week’s riddle is my friends at Shady Creek Winery in Michigan City. The winner receives a $30 gas card!

A very petite woman with long brown blonde hair was standing at a table while a man with a beard, wearing a blue shirt sat on the other side of the table. The man had a drink, but did not order any food. The woman took something out of her shoe and put it on his side of the table. The man looked at it carefully, but did not touch it. The woman then took something else out of the same shoe and put it on her side of the table, but the man did not look at it. The woman repeated these steps twice more as the man looked confused. The man suddenly looked disgusted and walked away without a word. Who is the woman and where did this happen?

The 10th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins.

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext. #1020, or e-mail

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