I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration. For the first time Drew and I were able to share the festivities with two of our grandchildren. It’s a time to take pride in my United States, get all goose-bumpy during the patriotic music and relish the special time with family and friends.

Reflection on all that was sacrificed, so many lives lost through the years to not only establish but maintain our country and way of life, gave way to reflection on our country today and the many problems and challenges with which we are faced.

Nearby Chicago experienced a substantial uptick in violence over “the fourth weekend,” dramatically illustrating the huge problem of violence in our cities. Our ability to provide quality, affordable healthcare to all citizens is a topic of downright mean political debate. Our wellbeing is being threatened not only by our enemies but by our very own environment. And, our two party political system has reached what appears to be an impasse. We have a President who has shaken to the core many of our political customs and practices and is ardently loved by those who voted for him and hated by many who didn’t. Several dark clouds of more than distrust have hung over this presidency from the beginning.

Have you heard of the 25th amendment?

“The 25th amendment allows for the Vice President to become president in the event of death, resignation, removal from office or impairment that prevents the current president from fulfilling his or her duties.”

While frivolous impeachment talk has been swirling around certain democratic fringe circles since the inauguration; Nancy Pelosi and other top-ranking Democrats have spoken against any thoughts of such action. Always the pragmatist, Pelosi wisely pointed out that the political support for such a step simply doesn’t exist.

There are however, 21 House Democrats, including the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee who is a Constitutional lawyer, pushing another way to remove President Trump from his office. A bill to create a “congressional oversight commission” that could declare the president impaired has been drafted. This bill could potentially lead to the President’s removal from office under the provisions of the 25th amendment.

Having the support of 21 of the 435 total members of the House has certainly not raised any Republican eyebrows, but with the latest kerfuffles over the “Trump tweeting tantrums” and growing criticism of his approach to both domestic and foreign policy, some are speculating that those eyebrows just might start arching upward.

Classifying President Trump’s behavior as proving impairment seems quite a stretch to me. And his removal alone would not solve the problems.

Call me naive but, watching the innocent hope and wonderment in my grandchildren’s eyes as “the bombs bursting in air” filled the Fourth of July skies with glorious color; I regained some of my own hope and wonderment that had been stifled by so many recent events. I hope you felt the same way!

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