Felicity Lopez

Krueger Middle School

Krueger Middle School is known for environmental studies, but we also have an advanced chorus group that will hopefully continue to grow over time. The group is called KMS Singers and is run by Ms. Shirley Allen. Seventh- and eighth-grade students participate in it. I am one of those students. We work very hard to get in this group.

Students who wish to participate go through an application process. First, they have to fill out a written application. This application asks students to share their musical experience and why they think they should be chosen. It requires the signatures of three teachers who believe the students are good candidates for the program. There is also a singing audition. Students show Ms. Allen their range (how high and low they can go), repeat a rhythm back to her by clapping and sing a short song. Students who score enough points with the application and the audition will have a possibility of getting in.

This year, the singers will wear special outfits that are currently being ordered. To pay for these outfits, we had four fundraisers last year and we earned $2,000. This year, we sent out letters to businesses asking for donations. We received funding from eight businesses including Sullair, DeVries, Essential Cleaning, Big R and Dr. Valerie Haughtington. We also received donations from some individuals including Joanne Brill, Bradley Todd and one anonymous donation. With these donations we raised $1,500! We appreciate this help very much.

The KMS singers have some upcoming events. We have One City One Sound on Dec. 3. This is a concert involving the high school choruses and bands, both middle school choruses and bands, and the elementary choruses. The public is welcome at this event. On Dec 10, we have a concert at the Rotary Club. KMS Singers also have a concert at Sullair on the Dec. 16. We hope to have more events in the spring, so we can continue to show off our talents and our new outfits.

Felicity Lopez is an eighth-grade student at Krueger Middle School. In the Middle is a regular column produced by MCAS middle school students.

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