We have gas prices below $2 per gallon and no snow on the ground.

You're off to a pretty great start, 2015 — at least when compared to your predecessor.

That's not to say 2014 was all bad, though. In fact, it was quite a year, I think, for Michigan City. In the future, if the city ultimately realizes what is its true potential, we'll all look back at 2014 as a catalyst.

There was tons of behind-the-scenes work done with the adoption of the Lake Michigan Gateway Implementation Strategy and the acquisition of tax credits for the Artspace project.

It was also a good year in other ways, including Marquette bringing MC its first state basketball championship since the Lyndon B. Johnson administration.

Here are some of the things I'm looking forward to in 2015.

n Two-way traffic on Pine and Washington streets. This is long overdue and should make traffic flow much, much better on two of the north end's most-traveled thoroughfares. It will be confusing for a while (I travel on each of these streets pretty much daily), but ultimately it's for the best.

n The N-D is getting a new office. Soon, the N-D will move its operations to 422 Franklin Street, Suite B, not terribly far from where we currently operate. I've worked in our current building at 121 W. Michigan Blvd. for most of my adult life, so leaving here will be strange and, I'm sure, a little melancholy. But change can be good, so bring it on.

n Can the Blazers repeat? The aforementioned Marquette boys basketball team will have a great shot at repeating as Class A boys basketball state champions. Obviously, having another state title around here would be great, but the Blazers' roster is full of great kids and seeing them have continued success would be fulfilling. Something else to watch for, if Marquette does make it back to the state championship game, it would have to move up to Class 2A for the next two seasons, per the IHSAA's tournament success factor.

n Sticking to unsusual sports happenings, can another football team advance to the state championship game? In 2014, both La Porte and New Prairie made it that far, becoming the first teams in La Porte County history to do so. Neither won, but it was quite an accomplishment. Perhaps getting two more down to Indianapolis in the fall of 2015 is asking for too much, but it was so much fun, why not do it again?

n The race for mayor is going to be interesting. Incumbent Mayor Ron Meer has announced his plans to run as has Michigan City Common Council President Duane Parry. I suspect we'll get one or two more names at least tossed into the ring, too. As I've indicated, 2015 will be a huge year for Michigan City, building off the progress of 2014. The person in the big office at City Hall will need to be a driving force behind this revitalization effort. Stay informed in this race and be sure to get out and vote when the time comes.

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