Let's talk about school spirit. School spirit is alive and well because the students at Michigan City High School are still excited and enthusiastic from the start of the 2015-16 school year.

The freshmen have infused the school with new energy, and the seniors are ready to tackle their final year as members of the Wolf pack. However, this school year seems to be moving along quickly, as Homecoming is already upon us, and on Monday, Spirit Week began for all MCHS students and staff.

There are many activities during Spirit Week at MCHS. Each grade and clubs will make banners to hang up in the hallways of the school, and they will eventually be moved to Ames Field for the homecoming game. Each grade will also be competing throughout the week in different events in hope of winning the spirit stick.

Beginning on Monday, students were able to dress up for each theme wear for every day of the week. With Monday being "Twin Day," Tuesday being "Disney Day," Wednesday being "Sports and or College Day," Thursday being "Hawaiian Day" and Friday being "Class shirts and Wolves wear".

Spirit Week gives the opportunity for everyone to wear their school colors and support MCHS with pride. It allows some students to see what school pride really is about for a whole week, for the first time in their lives. From previous years at MCHS, I have noticed the atmosphere of the school change during that one week. The pride shown throughout the whole school was generated individually at first, but as the week goes on, it seems to spread like a wildfire. By the end, there is an obvious rise in the pride shown by all. Everyone wants to and enjoys to represent their school and community positively.

Throughout the whole year, but especially during Spirit Week, MCHS and the whole community comes together to prove to each other and to others, as well, that we are all proud to be members of the Wolf pack.

Lizzie Quinlan is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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