Q: Is there a city ordinance or a law about conceal carrying a handgun in Washington Park? I looked on the city website, park website and Indiana laws on the internet and found none. I also do not see any signage at the park itself.

A: You are correct. There is no city ordinance or park rule disallowing the carrying of a handgun on Park Properties, which include all Michigan City Park properties. There is, however, a rule not allowing any hunting at any parks and a city ordinance on discharging any type of firearm within the city limits.

Q: I was at a local car show recently where I saw old license plates on different antique cars. I was told you could legally put a license plate from the year of your car on your collector car and drive it around like that. Is this really true? Cause it’s pretty cool!

A: Yes, it is very true! Collector vehicles must first meet the following criteria: The vehicle must be at least 25 years old, owned, operated, restored and maintained as a collector vehicle, and not used as primary transportation. You then must present an authentic model year license plate to the BMV for inspection. This plate can also be restored or refurbished. The plate is then registered with your vehicle’s historic license plate where the historic plate and registration must be carried in the vehicle. So, for example you own a 1965 Ford Mustang, you can find a 1965 license plate, refurbish or restore it and then put that plate on your cool car!


Q: I am in need of a good used car and was wondering when you auction off your impounded vehicles?

A: We do not auction off impounded vehicles. Licensed towing companies in Michigan City are responsible for impounded vehicles and there is a process they must follow if the vehicle is not claimed by the owner. The towing agency makes every effort to contact the vehicle’s owner and attempt to return the vehicle. If this does not happen, they then can place a “mechanic’s lien” on the vehicle for towing and storage charges. The vehicle is then allowed to be auctioned at the site of the towing agency where this information is additionally published in the newspaper. Anyone can bid with a minimum bid of the towing and storage charges.

Q: The speed limit sign on 300N near Coolspring Elementary school states, “Speed Limit 20,” and nothing else. My question is, does the speed limit stay in effect 24/7, or just when school is in session?

A: This is a very good question! Unless the speed limit sign additionally states, “When Children Are Present,” then it is in effect at all times, both day and night.

Q: I am so frustrated and need some help. Can anything be done about a young man who parks in my neighborhood daily (for a few minutes to an hour) with the stereo blasting? This drives me nuts and makes my dogs bark constantly, so I think I’m going to get in trouble.

A: We will be glad to help! Please call when it is occurring, and we will send an officer out. The officer will first attempt to speak with the young man to help resolve the issue. If necessary, he can then determine if it is a violation and can issue a citation for a city noise ordinance violation.

The winner of the $30 gas card sponsored by Ivy Tech Community College of Michigan City was Joe Gilreath of Michigan City. Let’s answer last column’s riddle of when the Algebra professor’s class was going to meet again? The answer, of course, was tomorrow or the next day!

The sponsor of this week’s riddle is our friends at Entryways Unlimited at 207 Ind. 212 in Michigan City. The winner receives a $30 gas card!

Help solve this riddle. Why are 1990 American dollar bills worth more than 1989 American dollar bills?

The 8th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins.

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext. #1020, or e-mail ASKACOP@emichigancity.com.

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