Twice a year, Michigan City's Student Council hosts a "Spirit Week." Spirit Week consists of daily themes, pep sessions and school pride. This year's first spirit week was from Sept. 14-18.

The main component of spirit week is definitely the dress code themes. While MCHS' uniform, "Dress for Success," is somewhat broad, students enjoy a week off from the uniform policy. Generally, the uniform restrictions are waived for the one week of "costumes," so when Monday's theme of "Twin Day" was compromised by requiring students to wear dress code, City's student body had something to say.

Spirit week is the one time teachers will let students go outside the lines of the dress code. By requiring students to wear their uniforms, the whole theme was deemed pointless due to the fact that everyone wears the same type of clothes every day. But, through different social media sites, MCHS took twin day to a whole new level — everyone wore all black. Word spread quickly about what to wear on Monday and it worked. An estimated 90 percent of kids wore all black for the first day of Spirit Week. So, instead of wearing the normal uniform, students decided to turn "Twin Day" into a blackout. On Tuesday, the clothing theme was "Sports/College Day." Students were encouraged to support their sports teams and favorite colleges for "Sports/college day." Other days included "Disney Day," "Hawaiian Day" and, lastly, each class' class shirts.

On Friday, each class was cut short in order to be able to squeeze in a pep session in preparation in that night's game against Merrillville (weather forced the cancellation of Homecoming, and it will be made up Oct. 2). With great planning from the student council, the pep rally ran smoothly and everyone had a good time.

Tommy Callaghan is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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